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Bees are beautiful, smart and strong creatures.  All bees work together to protect the hive.  Bees don’t talk like “Hey” they communicate by dancing and moving.  If bees could talk they could answer some questions like “why do you make honey?”  but they don’t so we just have to observe them.  Bees hire a wasp to protect the outside of the hive so no other flies or other bugs and insects from taking a sip of some yummy honey.  If the wasp turns on the bees and tries to take a sip then the wasp made a big mistake.  The bees wait till the last-minute when the wasp is ready and they cover the wasp and heat up to 118 degrees farenheit.  The wasp can only stand 115 degrees farenheit.  The bees can stand 120 so the bees cook the wasp alive.  Bees are fascinating wild creatures and if you find one in your back yard try to observe it and find out more about that bee, you might even find the bees hive.



Hi, my name is Ella. I love my amazing family and my three adored companions, Soxs, Rocket and Sandy. As you read the posts I publish, you get insights on my homeschool life and many other fascinating wonders and captivating facts.

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