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Words Feburary

Survive: to live or exist in hardship.

The deer had to survive the hunter.  (Verb)

Practice: Repeat an activity to get good at it.

I practice my math facts to get good at math. (Noun)

Attractive: appealing to the eye.

My dog is very attractive with its pure, golden fur.(adjective)

Furious:  Full of anger or violent.

She was furious when he stole her favorite teddy-bear. (verb)

Outstanding: Amazing and grand.

He jumped joyfully in the air for the outstanding growth of his fish. (Adjective)

Weary: Feeling tired. ( verb or adjective)

1 kid was weary and the other kid was not tired. (adjective)

Hardship: difficult condition.

He could hardly forget the hardship of the losing his cat. (Noun)

Recognize: frequently seen and knowing what you saw.

He could recognize her cat because he saw it every day. (Verb)

Care-Free: not worried about something.

She was care-free about skydiving into the water. (adjective)

Vast: lots of something.

Jill had a vast amount of  yellow paper crowns and Jack had only one yellow paper crown. (Adjective)

Arena: A flat, large area surrounded by chairs, where sports and games are being held.

The baseball teams played in the arena, while people the crowd cheered for them. (Noun)

Generosity:  A quality of kindness and giving.

Her mom saw her generosity to her sister and let her stay up longer.

Develop:  Mature and advance.

The fawn will develop into a full-grown deer very soon.

Instant: coming soon or immediately.

You need to run in an instant to catch the bus! (Verb)

Shallow: Not deep.

The pool’s shallow end was very easy to swim in because my feet could touch the floor. (Adj)

Plead: Making emotions appeal.

He pleaded to his dad because he wanted that candy. (Verb)

Circular: Form of a circul.

Fish eggs are circular and chicken eggs are oval. (adj)







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