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The compass.

About the Compass: The compass is used for navigation purposes.  The compass looks like a circle, and sometimes has a chain attached to it.  The chain makes it easier to keep track of it.  The chain is only useful if you wear it because it might get knocked off the boat but if you wear it then you would have to get knocked off-board for the compass to fall off too.

Chinese compass:  The Chinese were the first to invent the compass.  They believed that North had most Chi (Life Force) they thought it made people’s lives better.

European compass:  The Europeans used the stars and recognized wind patterns, but if the oceans were rushing and extremely dangerous and you were caught up in that storm you would want to get back home.  The Europeans invented the compass a little after the Chinese but used it differently.

I hope you learned a thing or two about the Chinese compass and the European compass.




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