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How Small Inventions Changed Culture.

Heavy Plow:  The heavy plow was used to help plough fields of wheat or whatever you wanted to grow.  The heavy plow had a dagger-like coulter on the front that would stab into the rich and fertile soil.  It was great for planting many foods.   This task wasn’t easy.  It was very hard and it took days to plow enough crops for the land.  One person could plow a small area of farmland in a day with an average hoe but with the heavy plow they could plow a big farmland in a day.  The heavy plow was a small invention that helped shape culture. It boosted population by having lots of food for everyone.

Wheelbarrow:  The wheelbarrow helped work go faster and more correctly.  A man could only carry 2-3 brick at a time, but when the wheelbarrow was invented a man could load 9-10 brick at a time or even more!  Work loads were cut in half, so many people could do many different jobs in a day.  That ment population grew quicker because people would get so much more done and hire even more people to build things for them to build capital.  The wheelbarrow helped get work done faster, cut work in half, and meant more people wanted to hire more people to do easier work.




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