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Falcons are a bird of prey and there are over 60 species of falcons on earth. Falcons are in the family of Falconidae.  Baby falcons are called Eyeses.   Peregrine falcons have tubercles which cover the lungs while in flight making it easier to breathe.  They mostly target birds’ wings for higher injury and so the prey can’t fly as fast after its been hurt.  Peregrine falcons are the fastest animal on earth (Not the cheetah).  Falconry is a hunting activity where hawks, eagles and falcons are trained by humans to hunt ducks and mammals.  Falcons have two tactics for getting prey.  The first one is called “The Chase”.  The falcon is less likely to get the prey and chases the bird at a slow pace.  The falcon chases the prey down and catches it by putting its talons ahead of the prey to snatch it.  The falcon keeps its talons a little ahead of itsself to get closer to the prey and not get its’ wings injured.  The other tactic is called “The Air Swoop”  The falcon goes high in the air, puts his wing close to its body and flies down at 200 miles-per-hour then catches its prey.



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