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The Pencil

 The Pencil:  Before the pencil was invented, people had to watch their every move because all they had was ink.  The pencil was invented in England during the 1500’s by a man named Conrad Gessner.  The pencil consisted of graphite, wood and rubber.  The graphite was used for the drawing, the rubber was used for the eraser on the opposite end and the wood held all of it together.   A huge graphite mine was discovered in England during the same time as pencils were invented.  Pencils are a great way to write and erase.    If they made one wrong move they would have to rewrite everything.  Artists especially loved them  because they could make hard presses for detail and a lighter press with the pencil to make shadowing or rough sketches.  Pencils were also cheap to make and their affordability made them available to a wider group of people.  My favorite part about pencils is that I use them everyday and I never thought they had such a story.



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