Posted in English 4

If I had one super power what would it be and how would I use it.

 If I could have a super power:  That is a hard question because I would want all of them.  I thought if I could only pick one,  I would have to pick ” if I thought of something it would happen”  Because if I did that power, I could think I had the power of invisibility, I would have it.  It would work for flying or strength, speed, flexibility, and so on.  I was proud of myself when I thought of it.

How would I use my power:  I would use my power for good and bad.  I would think I was the smartest person on earth, so I wouldn’t have to do homework ever again.  If anyone had problems I would make the problems disappear.



Hi, my name is Ella. I love my amazing family and my three adored companions, Soxs, Rocket and Sandy. As you read the posts I publish, you get insights on my homeschool life and many other fascinating wonders and captivating facts.

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