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The inventions I learned this week and how they impacted History

Compound Microscope:  The Compound Microscope is made out of lenses.  its used to look at tiny things like Butterfly wings, germs and other tiny objects.  The Dutch got more into making lenses during the 1600s.  Around the 1600s, many forms of the compound microscope were invented by many different people.  Galileo made his own version of a compound microscope during 1624.

William Gilbert: William Gilbert was born in Colchester, United Kingdom.  William Gilbert made some inventions but, he is remembered for the compass.  William Gilbert was fascinated when Robert Norman discovered magnetic dip in 1581 (having to do with the magnetic pulls of the center of Earth.  William Gilbert served the Queen and worked on magnetic experiments.

Newspaper:  The newspaper was invented in Germany around the 1400s by a man names Johan Carolus.  Johhan Corolus was born in Strasbourg.  Governments would write notes but, they didn’t share them outside with other people. The average person thought this was not fair and they wanted to know what was going on.

Telescope:  The telescope was invented in the Netherlands by a man named Galileo in 1609.  The telescope is used to see stars, constellations and sometimes planets.  The Dutch were making many lenses during 1600s.  The telescope spread very fast because more people got into astronomy.  Kepler improved the telescope in 1611.  The telescope has had many improvements throughout the years since it was invented.

My favorite invention this week is the telescope because people like Galileo and Kepler took time and hard work to improve our understanding of space.



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