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Mersenne’s Laws

Music has come a long way because of Marin Mersenne.  Marin Mersenne studied acoustics.  Acoustics deals with sound waves that are how hear musical instruments like guitars and banjos.  Marin Mersenne was a French theologian.  He learned that longer strings play lower sounds than shorter ones, lighter strings make higher notes  than heavier strings which sound low.  Marin Mersenne gets the credit even though he didn’t come up with the idea.  Galileo came up with the idea, but he didn’t think it would be popular.  Marin made three books expressing his ideas from 1623 to 1624.  Marin built a network of people where he spread his ideas over time.  Marin died 1648, but he is still remembered for the title “Father of acoustics” for his contributions to acoustics.  My favorite part about Marin Mersenne is that he loved music just like me.



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