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Words for June

Calculate: to add or to get the sum of a number. (verb)

She had to calculate big numbers with a calculator. (verb)

Ease: easily and effortless. (noun, verb)

The owl snatched the little mouse with ease. (verb)

Accurate: successful for reaching a goal or a target. (adj)

He was not very accurate when he had to spell words correctly. (adj)

Invisible:  not able be seen or out of sight. (adj)

If I could have any power it would be invisibility. (adj)

Shabby: Poorly done work. (adj)

The expensive printer was shabby because it didn’t work. (adj)

Assist: to help someone. (noun, verb)

He assisted the old woman across the street. (verb)

Tidy: clean and in order. (adj, verb)

My room is very tidy and clean. (adj)

Baggage:  Storage area used for mostly travel. (noun)

She had barely any baggage because she was only staying a week. (noun)

Afford: used for able to buy something commonly with money.  (verb)

I could afford the big and fluffy teddy bear. (verb)

Entertain: amused by something or someone.  (verb)

She was not entertained at the boring Oprah (verb)

Venture: to journey somewhere dangerous and risky. (verb, noun)

She ventured into the dark and forbidden woods. (verb)

Distract: to stop someone from doing a task or action. (verb)

The baby distracted the parents because he wanted his milk. (verb)

Increase: more of something. (noun)

My legs increased over night and now I can go on the roller coaster rides. (noun)

Manufacture: to make and create something. (verb, noun)

The company manufactured toys for the store. (verb)

Severe: something terrible or a punishment. (adj)

His crime was so severe that he was put into prison. (adj)

Permit:  permission to do something from an authority or government (noun, verb)

We need a permit to go fishing because people could lie and harm wildlife. (noun)

Lack: to not have something or not have enough of something. (noun, verb)

I lack the speed to be a professional runner. (verb)

Valiant: to have courage and bravery. (adj)

The knight had to be valiant to save the princess. (adj)

Plentiful: enough of something or a great amout of something. (adj)

We have a plentiful amount of food to last a long time. (adj)

Disaster:  commonly used for a unfortunate event like a Tornado or Earth Quake. (noun)

The tsunami hit Florida on Friday, it was a disaster!







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