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The inventions I learned this week and my favorite part about them.

Thomas Newcomen:  Thomas Newcomen was an English inventor who made his first invention around 1742.  He made a steam engine that could boil water faster and more efficiently other boilers at that time.  He was an iron monger (a person who sells things out of iron).

The Newcomen steam engine:  The Newcomen steam engine looks like a scale, but it has a different purpose, which is to heat up water.  Through trial and error, Thomas Newcomen, discovered the need for a steam vent to relieve presser so the engine would not explode.  This vent also would make a whistle noise and notify the users that the water was hot and ready.  It was popular because the village people didn’t have to wait a long time for the water to heat up or guess when it was ready, along with improved safety.

The coke-fired blast furnace:  The coke-fired blast furnace was invented by a man named Abraham Darby.  Coke burning is when a person burns coal with carbonating content.  He made a furnace that burned the carbonation and coal together faster and easier.

Octant:  An octant is a thing that measures celestial objects (stars, planets and moons in the sky).   The inventor, John Hadley, designed it to make no errors when measuring celestial objects.  It was small and easy to handle.  It was popular because it could be used day or night.

My favorite invention I learned about this week is The Newcomen steam engine because hot water can be used in many different things like tea, coffee and pouring hot water on something  frozen.







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