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Domestic Cats

Domestic means not wild, like a house hold pet.  Experts aren’t for sure when cats got domesticated.  They think it was around 4,000 years ago by the ancient Egyptians in Egypt.  Cats were worshiped in Egypt because the Egyptians believed that the cat was a way to get to the world of spirits. (The world of spirits is a good place you go when you die).  Cats got treated like gods and goddesses.  The ancient Egyptians domesticated cats because they wanted them to catch the rodents.  Nobody is 100 percent sure how ancient Egyptians domesticated cats, but scientists think that cats came to the village from chasing rodents then they were pampered and given very nice treatment, so they would stay and hunt mice and rats for the Egyptians.

Check out this video on ” why cats act the way they do”:


Photo Credit: I took the photo.




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