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25 interesting facts about Lions (scientific name is Panthera Leo).

 1.  Lions are endangered animals.  They live in Africa, Asia and there are zoos around the world and a national park in India where lions are kept.

2.  Lions have a long tail, but a lion’s tail isn’t just cool looking.  It is used for balancing, and  for communicating “hey, come here” and ” hey I want you to be my mate”.

3.  Lions’ number one enemy is the porcupine.  A lion will get quilled by the porcupine if threatened.  The lion has a chance of being in pain for a while or being in pain forever (The lion will get quilled in the jaw).

4.  A lion’s diet which includes zebra, giraffe, gazelles, impalas, wildebeest, buffalo, and water buffalo.  The water buffalo is a favorites for a lion.  The hardest animal for a lion to catch is a gazelle.

5.  A super pride is a pride with many lions.  There have been few super prides, the highest lion amount in a super pride has been 22 lions.

6.  An average pride has 15 lions, but can get to 40 lions ( super pride ).

7.    Lions are the only big cats that live together in prides!

8.  Lions in the wild, can live for 12-13 years.

9.  Lionesses are the best hunters in the pride, so they do most of the hunting.

10.  In the wild, lions sleep for 20 hours a day!

11.  Baby lions (cubs) have a very low chance of making it to adulthood because of hyenas and illnesses.

12.  Lions can run up to 50 miles an hour in short periods of time because they lack stamina.

13.  When the baby cubs are born they stay hidden for 2 months before they meet the rest of the pride!

14.  When cubs are 3 months old, they can eat meat!

15.  Lions are often referred to as ” King of the jungle” this not accurate because they don’t live in the jungles.  They really are ” King of the savannah”.

16.  A lion’s roar can be heard from 5 miles away ( 8 kilometers ).

17.  In the pride, cubs eat first, then the females, then the males.

18.  A male and female lions of a certain pride will kill cubs if the cubs are not their own!

19.  There is always 2 males in a pride in case one gets injured, but one is always more dominant.

20.  A full-grown lion can eat 60 pounds of food in one sitting ( roughly as heavy as a 2-year-old)!

21.  Male lions with darker manes have a better chance of attracting a mate.

22.   For three months, cubs are only 3 lb.

23.  Lions are in the cat family Felidae and are in the order ( what they eat) carnivora or carnivores.

24.  A lion that is albino is very rare and no more than 10 have been found!

25.  If another male lion tries to take over a pride, the first thing he does is kill the cubs!




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