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Interesting moments is hair’s history

Hair has been put in styles that have been fashionable, wacky and out of this world over the years!  I have a couple of passions, but hair takes the cake on my favorite passion.  Hair has a history that blows my mind!  I want to be barber, so I wanted to research “how to cut and style hair”.  “Marie Antoinette’s passion was fashion and not to feed the starving village people who eventually cut her head off”- Nicole Woods.  Her hair styles were beautiful, royal and luxurious ( most of them were wigs).  Albert Einstein had crazy hair, but genetics were what made his hair fuzzy.  Bumper bangs took patience to make, secured with a pin, hat or flower and were very popular in the 1940’s.  They look like the front of bumper cars.  I think the 1980’s had very beautiful bangs and they were called ” Mall Bangs”.   They were hair sprayed in place and had a side wing ( most of someone’s hair swept to one side).  “Gamie bangs” were not very popular in the 1950’s, but they were considered very glamorous.  Hair can show wealth because if a person has a hairstyle from a man named Ted Modestou, you’re considered rich.

Check out this awesome video:





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