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10 facts about the dodo bird ( scientific name Raphus Cucullatus ).

I wanted to write about the dodo bird because they are extinct and I find that sad.  They were so friendly and people killed them for food.

Fact 1.  Dodo birds ate berries, roots, fallen fruit and nuts, they didn’t have teeth, so they swallowed their food whole, so the dodo ate rocks to make it easier to digest the food.

Fact 2.  Dodo birds lived on the island of Mauritius, but when sailors came to the island, dodos were an easy meal.

Fact 3.  Dodo birds evolved to be flightless because there were no native predators on the island of the Mauritius.

Fact 4.  Dodo’s started being killed around 1595 and were completely extinct roughly around 1662.

Fact 5.  The closest continent to the island of Mauritius is Africa.

Fact 6.  Dodo birds are related to the pigeon!

Fact 7.  Dodo birds build their nests on the ground near bushes and or trees.

Fact 8.  The dodo bird’s beak was 9 inches long!

Fact 9.  Dodo birds were capable of defending themselves with their super long beak.

Fact 10. Dodo bird eggs are small and blue with white spots on them.

I hope you know a little more about the extinct, yet amazing Dodo Bird now that you have read my list of 10 interesting facts.

Check out this cool Wild Kratts episode:






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