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Proper and improper things to do at a tea party.

Proper Manners:  Don’t be rude to other people if they bother you.  Don’t pour your tea on anyone that is having a bad attitude and or bad manners.  If someone is bothering you, go into a private room ( preferably a bathroom) and take a couple deep breaths.

Cover your nose when you sneeze, you could get everyone sick and nobody wants to be sneezed on.  Either bring a handkerchief or cover your sneeze with your arm.

Proper Attire:  Proper Attire is a huge part of a tea party.  You don’t want to be wearing a shirt and ripped up jeans to a fancy tea party.  Wear something with clean, neat, and not too short.  Tea parties are fun and fancy, so dress accordingly.   I would recommend a dress, hat and gloves.

Proper Conversation Topics:  Don’t talk about what you threw in your garbage that morning.  Talk about fun games you play, fun things you do when you’re bored or what is your favorite tea!  Talk appropriately and don’t use curse words or something that would upset anyone at the party!  The point is to have a good time.

My experience at a tea party:  I went to a very nice lady’s home, her name is Mrs. Michelle.  There were amazing decorations, treats, mini sandwiches, tea and an extremely funny little girl.  She loved playing games with my sister and me, like pets, superheroes and villains. There were 7 people and 3 adorable dogs.  I would rate the tea party 10 out of 10 because it was the best tea party I have ever attended.



Hi, my name is Ella. I love llamas and cats. My favorite colors are pink and blue.

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