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What are Hurricanes?

“What’s a hurricane?” You might ask yourself one day. Some people know what a hurricane is, but if you haven’t seen the crazy news headlines lately with names like Harvey and Irma, then I’ll tell you! Hurricanes have fierce effects on lots of people and the areas it strikes. Some people get killed, that’s the circle of life, fortunately, millions of people live! On the news, do you ever hear the news anchors (people who announce ideas on radios, TV and internet) sometimes say “It’s a category two” or “It’s a category five!”, well if so, I’ll tell you what it means. Category 1 means there is a wind speed of 74-95 mph or roughly twice the speed of a cheetah running, which is fast in my opinion. Category 2 has wind speeds of 96-110 mph which is almost twice the speed of a gazelle running.  Category 3 includes wind speeds 111-129 mph which is roughly 2 1/2 times the speed of a lion chasing it’s prey.  Category 4 means wind speeds of  130-156 mph which is close to twice times the speed of a sail fish swimming.  Category 5 and the maximum speed of a Bugatti Veyron (The Super Sport) are the exact same speed at 253 mph!!!




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