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My Trip to the Museum

I had a great time at a museum, I went with my Grandma, my sister and my mom.  We played and had a blast!

There were lots of amazing exhibits, with lots of hard work put into them!  The museum offered many cool things to touch, explore and look at such as; A Touch Center, where you could touch anything, a town that showed what barber shops, doctors offices and  houses looked like a long time ago.

My favorite part about the whole museum was the taxidermy area.  I’m not a huge fan of taxidermy, but I still loved this area.  There where bears, monkeys, birds, cats and deer.  They all looked so cute.  It had a massive polar bear, that  looked the size of a skyscraper towering over all the other animals!  The polar bear was on its hind legs with his mouth wide open, I could see his big teeth and his pure black eyes! It had big, sharp claws that could easily rip me apart!  It’s ruffled up fur was the color of snow and a tiny seal pup was beside it.   In the above photo, you can see the bear, seal, my sister and me joking around.



Hi, my name is Ella. I love my amazing family and my two adored feline companions, Soxs and Rocket. As you read the posts I publish, you get insights on my homeschool life and many other fascinating wonders and captivating facts.

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