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The Albino Rocket.

The Albino Rocket is a commercial airline that I created.  It is a paper airplane that can hold 40 passengers.  Which does not include staff.  There is one pilot and two co-pilots.  There are 5 waiters, and 6 janitors, so it stays in top shape.  When it lands and all the passengers are off, 50 workers do a top to bottom deep clean.  The reason it only holds 40 passengers is because it is expensive to ride.  It’s $4,000 a trip any where on the globe!  In the picture above it shows what it looks like and the purple jets at the end are for when it’s 1 hour away from landing, it shoots fireworks which announces it’s arrival!




Hi, my name is Ella. I love my amazing family and my two adored feline companions, Soxs and Rocket. As you read the posts I publish, you get insights on my homeschool life and many other fascinating wonders and captivating facts.

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