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My Favorite ride at Busch Gardens.

My sister and I love going to an amusement park called Busch Gardens.  On 2/15/18 my mom and dad surprised my sister and I with a trip to Busch Gardens.  Last year I was too short to enjoy all the cool rides.  Since then, I grew 3 inches and was finally tall enough to experience the thrills that previously escaped me.

All the rides were exhilarating and fun, but the ride that blew me away was Falcon’s Fury.  A 300 foot drop from a tower while facing downwards seemed breath-taking and I couldn’t leave without giving it a try.  I found Falcon’s Fury the most heart-pounding and extremely frightening ride at Busch Gardens!

In the picture above, The Phoenix, a huge boat that swings upside down.  For most people, this would probably be the most terrifying because it keeps you turned upside down for over 5 seconds.  This ride made me feel brave because every time the boat pivoted, all the teenage girls would scream their lungs out!

At the end of the trip, I rode every ride at Busch Gardens and I had a fantastic day!




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