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American Girl, Understanding your Family book report.

“American Girl, Understanding Your Family” is written by Amy Lynch and illustrated by Lauren Scheuer.  The American Girl book series, helps girls understand things about themselves and if they have questions these books have answers.  I read a book from this collection, so I wanted to share a few fun tricks I learned.

The book had magnificent ideas!  An idea was, to make coupons in case I mess up, want to be nice or say thanks to family members.  I want to make these because I mess up a lot and my sister doesn’t think “sorry” is enough, so I will say “thank you!” for things that she has done for me.  Another activity was to estimate things around my house, in which you write down a few thing you know you have in your house like doors, windows and chairs.  Then you actually count  the things on your list and see how close you were.  I would rate this book FIVE STARS!

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Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm’s book review

Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm is a great book.  It has so much detail explained into the book.  I feel all the feelings and emotions the characters in this book have when I read the book.  I would rate this book five stars!

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The Gift of Magi short story

The Author of this short story is O Henry.  The gift of Magi is a book about a girl named Della that wants to get a gift for Christmas.  Della wants to buys a watch chain that she gives to her master, Jim.  She is given $20.00 from a barber she sold her hair to.  She searches all the stores lookin for the perfect gift for Jim.  I think this story is a very good story.  I think you should read this short story.  I would rate this short story 5 stars.

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Doctor Dolittle book review

Doctor Dolittle was an amazing and fun book to read.  I love all the animals in the book.  My favorite part of this book is that the mice live in the piano.  The Author of Doctor Dolittle is Hugh Lofting.  The animals in Doctor Doittle have very funny names.  Some of the names of the animals are;  Polynesia the parrot, Prince Bumpo the prince of all the monkeys, Chee-Chee the money and Da-Da is a worker for Prince Bumpo.  I would rate this book 5 stars!