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My favorite game to play..

I love playing video games, so other than video games, my favorite non-video game related game to play is Barbies.  My favorite game to play is Barbies because I can make them do anything I want them to.  My favorite Barbie is a called Molly (I mentioned her in “My talent and how I use it”).  She doesn’t have a lot of hair, but she is beautiful.  A lot of people criticize her for not having hair like my other Barbies.  Barbie dolls are extremely fun to dress up because I have lots of clothes.  Barbies get lost every so often, but then I find them.  I used to have a Barbie that looked like Marilyn Monroe and she had a lovely blue dress that my mom made.  She had pretty rose-red lips and curly, smooth, blonde hair.  She had emerald eyes a beautiful smile.  I have variety of Barbies like 2 Ever After High Dolls, 4 Monster High Barbies, 2 Frozen Dolls (Frozen the movie), 2 kid dolls and lots of dolls that are not categorized.

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My Favorite Colors are..

My favorite color is pink because it is so vibrant.  It makes me feel nice when I see pink.  I have always loved pink, almost all my clothes, bedding, pillows, jewelry, sheets and little things like mirrors and toys are pink.  Pink is a spunky color, it has its own style, its own kind of energy and its own vibe!  The picture above shows a few of my pink things.

My second favorite color is blue because it’s relaxing to look at.  It looks like calming waves above the deep ocean.  It makes me feel peaceful and tired when I see a blue light.  That’s why I sleep with a blue light on (I’m also afraid of the dark).  Blue is a serene color that makes me feel content and worry free.

My third favorite color is red because I feel stronger and I feel more stylish when I wear red.  For me, being confident and fashionable is an extraordinary feeling.  Red is a fearless, brave and bold color that usually catches people’s’ eye.  That is why red is used on signs when there is a sale happening or important information like a stop sign.

My favorite colors are my favorite colors because of how they make me feel.  Even colors that are not particularly my favorite colors, make me feel a certain way.







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Mowing the lawn for the first time.

I mowed the lawn a few weeks ago and it was very hard!  I didn’t have to weed eat which made my job a whole lot easier.  Mowing the lawn helped me realise that work is hard, but it pays off.

My mom wanted me to get some work ethic by mowing the lawn.  My sister did it before me and when she mowed the lawn, there was way more grass to sweep up.  When I mowed the lawn there was a breeze and I didn’t have to sweep as much.  I wore shorts and a tank top, I made a horrible mistake.  The grass came at me like sharp, tiny blades straight to my bare and dirty legs.  My mom mowed a big patch of weeds and grass while I swept around the sidewalk.  I missed sweeping the sides and the back, so we had to sweep it all again, unfortunately.  It took me nearly two hours to mow and sweep.  The grass still looked great a few days after I mowed it.

I feel really good about doing a great job on mowing for the first time and it really helped me see what my mom had to do 4 times a month.  I made an arrangement with my mom to earn technology time by mowing the lawn once a month.   So, not only does this help my mom, I also get something out of it.  This is a good deal for both of us, it is symbiotic.  Next time it should be easier  because now I know how to dress appropriately and how to do all the steps in order to mow the lawn.  An added bonus is that I am building muscles and character.

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Proper and improper things to do at a tea party.

Proper Manners:  Don’t be rude to other people if they bother you.  Don’t pour your tea on anyone that is having a bad attitude and or bad manners.  If someone is bothering you, go into a private room ( preferably a bathroom) and take a couple deep breaths.

Cover your nose when you sneeze, you could get everyone sick and nobody wants to be sneezed on.  Either bring a handkerchief or cover your sneeze with your arm.

Proper Attire:  Proper Attire is a huge part of a tea party.  You don’t want to be wearing a shirt and ripped up jeans to a fancy tea party.  Wear something with clean, neat, and not too short.  Tea parties are fun and fancy, so dress accordingly.   I would recommend a dress, hat and gloves.

Proper Conversation Topics:  Don’t talk about what you threw in your garbage that morning.  Talk about fun games you play, fun things you do when you’re bored or what is your favorite tea!  Talk appropriately and don’t use curse words or something that would upset anyone at the party!  The point is to have a good time.

My experience at a tea party:  I went to a very nice lady’s home, her name is Mrs. Michelle.  There were amazing decorations, treats, mini sandwiches, tea and an extremely funny little girl.  She loved playing games with my sister and me, like pets, superheroes and villains. There were 7 people and 3 adorable dogs.  I would rate the tea party 10 out of 10 because it was the best tea party I have ever attended.

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Why I don’t like Homework.

I like homeschooling, but I don’t like homework.  I don’t like homework because it’s boring and I would rather be playing video games, Barbie dolls or playing with my sister and or mom.   I think I know all I need for adulthood, but I’m not even close.  I don’t  know how to make food without burning it or how to do my daily routine without being told.  Homework can help me later on in life, like when I want a diploma, a job, and saving money in a bank account.

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Cats have been around for millions of years.  Cats are also known as felines.  They are funny, adorable, come in different colors, shapes, sizes and best of all…personalities!  Felines are the subjects of jokes and hilarious YouTube videos.  Some of the most famous cats look cutest ( all cats are cute), like Lil Bub and Hamilton the Hipster cat.  My favorite cats are my cats, Soxs and Rocket.          If you want a good laugh check this out:

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My poetry

I was angry one night and my mom suggest I write poetry, so I did ( My poetry is awful).

Happy “Nobody rains on your parade.  You make barricades to the mean and rotten, just remember you’ll never be forgotten.  Your glow makes Rudolf jealous in a good way.  I hope you have a happy day.”

Feeling Down “Woe as me when I feel no glee.  My sky is dim and my heart is being trimmed, yet you stay happy after all, I’m the one being sappy.”

Bad day “I feel dreary on the best day, but you stay happy in the weirdest ways.  Flowers grow in the dark while mine shrivel up and depart.”

Never give up “Never give up when your blue eyes go pale, when your bones become frail.  I never mean the awful things I say, I never want you to die in any way and I hope your last words aren’t on your grave.”

Diamond “You are a diamond with pressure, some can not take that pressure and remain coal, whatever you’re told, don’t unfold.  Don’t believe their bluff when they say you’re not a diamond in the rough.”

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Words for July

Contribute: to give effort and motivation to do a task. (verb)

She did not contribute to her homework, so now she has consequences. (verb)

Source: to get an amount of something or a supply of something. (noun, verb)

We have a source of water at the well during spring. (noun)

Entrance: a way to enter a building or a structure and most commonly a door. (noun)

The entrance for the school was big and on the front of the building. (noun)

Precious: beautiful and valuable, usually referred to as money.

The fireworks that went off on the fourth of July were precious. (adj)

Attentive: to be alert and pay close attention to something. (adj)

She had to be attentive in class or she would fail the exam. (adj)

Response: to answer someone, text or verbal. (noun)

She needed help how to give a response to the text. (noun)

Typical: average and normal. (adj)

The pigeon feeds her chick milk, but the typical bird doesn’t. (adj)

Analyze: give information, data and describe something. (verb)

She had to analyze the science project. (verb)

Capable: able to do a task or to achieve a goal. (adj)

He is not capable of going into space without a space suit. (adj)

Portion: Amount of something. (verb, noun).

Her portion of food was small because she was not very hungry. ( noun).

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My costumes from Halloween.


I have been a horse made out of cardboard, a zombie pirate, a princess, a ballerina fairy, but my favorite costume I’ve ever dressed up as on Halloween would be 2016’s Halloween costume.  It was a zombie with open wounds that were bleeding, bruises, scars and wacky hair in two pigtails ( I was a little girl from a zombie show, I never watched the show, but my friend told me about her).  I only did a part of the tutorial for my costume, which was the open wound part.  The picture i put above was my zombie pirate costume, my sister as a werewolf and my bet friend as a vampire.

This is a link to the tutorial I used: 4C5F68C5999302012D11&FORM=VRDGAR     BeautifulYouTV