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Waffle or Pancake?

I recently did a post on “Hot Dog or Burger”, so I wanted to do discuss two popular breakfast items.

Waffles and pancakes are delicious in every way.  Both come in a variety of flavors.  Waffles are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and yummy.  I think waffles are tasty with syrup and meat.  Pancakes are mini sunshines with a fluffy center!  Pancakes are glorious, squishy and can be as big or as small as you want!  I like my pancakes with eggs, bacon, syrup and fruit.  My dad makes amazing pancakes.

Even though pancakes and waffles are made with very similar ingredients, I like pancakes more than waffles because I think pancakes taste better and more things taste better with pancakes than with waffles.
Fun Fact: The oldest pancake dates back to 9993 BCE!






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The Spinning Jenny.

The Spinning Jenny was invented in 1764 by James Hargreaves in Stanhill, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire in England.  It was invented by accident, James Hargreaves worked in a thread making business with his family.  James Hargreaves was making thread one day when his daughter knocked the spinning wheel over!  Luckily it didn’t break and it kept moving!  James was fascinated by that so, he called his new invention The Spinning Jenny.  The spinning jenny was improved to spin 8 times more thread than the spinning wheel!  This is very important because thread is used to make clothes and blankets.


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10 Cool Things That are From Florida.

Sunscreen has made a massive impact on history by helping millions of people not burn their skin.  I know because I didn’t wear sunscreen and I got a huge blister on my nose.  Sunscreen is made out of Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide they are both important ingredients in sunscreen.  It was invented my Milton Blake, Eugene Schueller, Franz Greiter and Benjamin Green.

John Gorrie invented the first air conditioning in the mid 1800’s in Apalachicola, FL.  Floridians are super lucky because they live in the hottest state year round, second is  Louisiana and Texas is third.  People use air conditioning for cooling down their houses.  When its hot out, the last thing I want to do is sit in a very hot house.

Key lime pie was created by botanist Jack Simons (A botanist is an expert in or student studies plants) in the early 20th century.  I wanted to put key lime pie in here for two reasons.  One, because it was invented in Florida and two, because it is my Grandpa’s favorite food.  It was named the official pie of the state in 2006.  I love key lime pie.

Gatorade is called Gatorade because it was invented for the Florida Gators.  It was invented by Dr. J. Robert Cade in 1985.  Gatorade bottles used to be glass, but changed to plastic in 1988.

Bondo was invented by an auto repairman Robert Merton Spink, a WWII veteran in Miami, Florida, in 1955.  Bondo is a brand of putty that is used on automotive, marine and household repairs.

Delicious cookies were created by entrepreneur, author, talent agent and TV personality Wally Amos.  These cookies are called Famous Amos cookies.  Invented in Tallahassee, Florida, in 1975.  He started giving them to clients and later they were sold all across the nation!

Thomas Edison invented the Incandescent Lightbulb in 1879 in Fort Myers, Florida.  He was on a winter trip and suddenly inspiration struck and he had his mind-set on finishing it.  Thomas Edison was the person who invented the light bulb too.

Dolphin Tale one and two (Released Sep 23, 2011 and Sep 12, 2014 ) were both filmed in Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Florida.  It is a true story of a dolphin named Winter who lost her tail and still survived.   I went to Clearwater to see where this movie was filmed, it was amazing!  We saw a guy who was selling kyaks, that was in the movie.

Cocoon was filmed in St. Petersburg, Florida and released  Jun 1985.  I thought this movie was hilarious and cool.  This movie was about older people living in a retirement home who find alien fountain of youth.  Lots of people come to Florida to vacation and to retire.  There is a real fountain of youth in Saint Augestine, Florida.

A famous celebrity named Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton, Florida, on Jun 26, 1993.  She has written 17 songs!  That is incredible because i’ve written 12!  She loves dreary weather, she loves going to the beach and she eats 5 or more strawberries a day because they are her favorite food!




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The Great Train Robbery

On Today’s date, August 8th, 54 years ago, there was Great Train Robbery.  What made it “Great” was the amount of money stolen, 49.1 million pounds (over $100 million) in today’s money.

1963, the great train robbery happened in Buckinghamshire, England.  The train was called Royal Mail.  Thieves took £2.6 million (3,389,640.48 in US dollars) from the train.  Police caught the fifteen thieves, but 14 escaped from prison at the same time.  Every single one of them got away except Bruce Reynolds!!!  Bruce Reynolds was a different from the rest, he didn’t even try to escape prison then caught and was released 25 years later.  He wrote three books and performed with a band called Alabama 3.  All were motivated by the desire for more money (pure selfish financial gain) and for idea the money could buy them enjoyment.   The thieves were in a gang led by Bruce Reynolds, other gang members were; Gordon Goody, Buster Edwards, Charlie Wilson, Roy James, John Daly, Jimmy White, Ronnie Biggs, Tommy Wisbey, Jim Hussey, Bob Welch and Roger Cordrey.   Charlie Wilson was killed by a hitman on bicycle in 1990.



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Marie Antoinette ( ˈmæri ˌæntwəˈnɛt)

I wanted to write about Marie Antoinette because I mentioned her in my ” Interesting Moments in Hair’s History” post, so I wanted to give more information about her.

Marie Antoinette was born in Hoffburg Palace, Vienna, Austria, on November 2nd, 1755.  She was the 15th of 16 children born in an Austrian royal family!  That’s incredible because I’ve never heard of anyone with that many siblings.

At the age of 14 she traveled to France where she got married to her 15-year-old husband.  They were married to form a better alliance between Austria and France.   Marie Antoinette was forced into marrying the future king of France, Louis XVI (16th).  She got married to him on May 16, 1770.  After being married, she lived in the palace of  Versailles.  She had nobody to talk to, her family was far away and she was frowned upon by the French because she was an outsider and she was not used to their customs.  Her husband had little interest in her and often away from home, he was more into his passions, like hunting, geography and mathematics.  They had 4 children, but 3 of them died before childhood.  The first born and only surviving child, a daughter named Marie Thérèse grew up to be a Duchess.  Marie Thérèse was born on 19 December 1778 in Palace of Versailles.

Marie Antoinette would host elegant parties to make her feel happy and less lonely.  She spent a lot of money on clothes, shoes, hair, makeup and on fancy foods.  The fancy lifestyle was upsetting to the working class, Madame Deficit is what Marie Antoinette was called by angry groups that were tired of  her reckless overspending.  People were getting frustrated at their declining quality of life and freedom, while the elites lived lavishly off of the common folks.  Inspired my the American Revolution, french citizens started a revolution of their own.  The growing and starving mobs were sick of being taken advantage of and stormed into the castle on the 16th of  October 1793 .  Marie Antoinette was imprisioned and later she was killed at the age of 37.

One of the most famous quotes credited to Marie Antoinette, was most likely made up as propaganda to further the cause of the French Revolution. There is no proven evidence that Marie Antoinette ever said “Let them eat cake.”  She had an amazing sense of style and her hair was big and grand, but she was in an overwelming situation and didnt know how to cope with the challenges of her life, so she ignored her problems and focused on fashion and having fun.



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Interesting moments is hair’s history

Hair has been put in styles that have been fashionable, wacky and out of this world over the years!  I have a couple of passions, but hair takes the cake on my favorite passion.  Hair has a history that blows my mind!  I want to be barber, so I wanted to research “how to cut and style hair”.  “Marie Antoinette’s passion was fashion and not to feed the starving village people who eventually cut her head off”- Nicole Woods.  Her hair styles were beautiful, royal and luxurious ( most of them were wigs).  Albert Einstein had crazy hair, but genetics were what made his hair fuzzy.  Bumper bangs took patience to make, secured with a pin, hat or flower and were very popular in the 1940’s.  They look like the front of bumper cars.  I think the 1980’s had very beautiful bangs and they were called ” Mall Bangs”.   They were hair sprayed in place and had a side wing ( most of someone’s hair swept to one side).  “Gamie bangs” were not very popular in the 1950’s, but they were considered very glamorous.  Hair can show wealth because if a person has a hairstyle from a man named Ted Modestou, you’re considered rich.

Check out this awesome video:



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Domestic Cats

Domestic means not wild, like a house hold pet.  Experts aren’t for sure when cats got domesticated.  They think it was around 4,000 years ago by the ancient Egyptians in Egypt.  Cats were worshiped in Egypt because the Egyptians believed that the cat was a way to get to the world of spirits. (The world of spirits is a good place you go when you die).  Cats got treated like gods and goddesses.  The ancient Egyptians domesticated cats because they wanted them to catch the rodents.  Nobody is 100 percent sure how ancient Egyptians domesticated cats, but scientists think that cats came to the village from chasing rodents then they were pampered and given very nice treatment, so they would stay and hunt mice and rats for the Egyptians.

Check out this video on ” why cats act the way they do”:


Photo Credit: I took the photo.


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Ella Fitzgerald

I was named after Ella Fitzgerald (Her full name is Ella Jane Fitzgerald).  Ella Fitzgerald was a great singer, an American jazz vocalist.  She was born on April 25, 1917 (she would be 100 years old if she was still alive today.  I think she is a very talented and beautiful singer.  It’s funny because my passion is to be a singer, also.  She has been called “Lady Ella”, “Queen of Jazz” and “The First Lady Of Song”.  Ella Fitzgerald could break glass with her voice!  She died at the age of 72.    Her favorite color was pink, purple, yellow and orange.  Her favorite food was pizza.




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The Serial Killer With the Most Kills In History

Harold Shipman: (AKA: Dr.Death ) A married man with a job, might be the last person you would expect to be a murderer,  managed to kill over 200 people or possibly even more.  He was a popular British physician, who started in 1972, killing 71 patients at his first clinic location and then around twice that amount at his second practice.  He murdered a lawyer and tried to fake her will with him a the sole beneficiary.  The lawyer (his last victim) had a daughter who was suspicious of the changes and had the police investigate Harold Shipman.  Police found clues that pointed to him being the killer of 218 victims, many believe the actual number is quite a bit more.  However, with limited evidence, he was only charged for 15 murders.  In 2004 he killed himself while serving his prison time, but never actually admitted he killed anyone.


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The mystery of The Tooth Fairy.

Is there really a tooth fairy or are your parents losing money when you make a dollar?  Maybe The Tooth Fairy gives you $50, but your parents takes $49 and leaves you a dollar?  Who knows for sure, but it all started one night in the 1970’s when a man on a radio said something about a tooth fairy and that was all it took.  The Tooth Fairy had been around for a very long time.  Many different people say “the tooth fairy is NOT real” and others say “the tooth fairy IS real”.  Who am I to say either?  Maybe the tooth fairy went on vacation when the “non-tooth fairy believers” lost a tooth and came back after.  I believe in holidays being like Santa Clause and The Easter Bunny because they have an impact, like how Santa brings presents on Christmas Eve and The Easter Bunny gives you treats on Easter (I do know my mom does all that, but The Easter Bunny needs some credit for being cute, adorable and fluffy).  The Tooth Fairy is like a spy (top secret) can’t be seen, but only comes when you’re asleep.


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