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My Purrrspective pt. 2

Writing about “My Purrrspective” made me really think about Sox’s point of view, so here is part 2.

Early on a Monday morning people were already up and making a ruckus.  I was oblivious to the source of the activity, so I sprang out of bed and decided to take a look.  I saw Rocket also was investigating what was going on.  I considered going back to bed, but I was eager to find out what the commotion was all about.  It appeared to be coming from the kitchen.  I creeped into the kitchen and observed a strange bag, but the bag wasn’t making any noise.  Inside the mysterious bag held a few cat toys, cat food, litter and a bag of almonds.  I was ecstatic, almonds are delicious and Grammy gives me some when I’m well behaved!  I must’ve been extra good, because I got TWO handfuls of crunchy almonds.  They were as scrumpsious as I remembered.  I slowly enjoyed each almond one at a time, my tummy was full, so I dozed off on Grammy’s bed, dreaming about what I would be up to tomorrow.


Thank you for reading My Purrrspective pt. 2.

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My Trip To Beer Can Island.

My family and I traveled to Beer can island on the 20th of April, Beer can island is a small island semi close to MacDill Air Force Base.  We rode over to Beer can on our dad’s boat.  We anchored the boat and started inflating a flamingo that my mom surprised us with.  We brought a tool to inflate it, but it was surprisingly faster to blow it up with my mouth.  I lounged on the flamingo for most of the trip.  I would fall off to retrieve the ball  my sister and I were tossing, or if I wanted to see what Thea was doing.  The water felt so cold, but the air was warm, it was refreshing and enjoyable.  Thea was busy making an outstanding crab hotel, which I wanted to destroy, but I didn’t.  Beer can Island was loads of fun and I’m glad I went.

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My Spring Break

This Spring break I had expectations and realities.  One reality was that some of my favorite cousins were taking their time to drive down to Florida.  I had seen them during Winter break, but since I got used to them being so close, it was hard to leave them.  The cousins left Indiana last Saturday and they arrived in Florida around noon on Sunday.  The cousins arrived and I gave them all big hugs, even their puppy, Zeva.  I was ecstatic to see them, but especially my favorite cousin, the youngest in her family, and super cool at twelve years old, Trinity. She is my favorite cousin because she doesn’t care if it’s too hot or cold,  isn’t picky when it comes to food and is very helpful.  Her older sister, Isabelle,  is the complete opposite of Trinity, but she can be funny once in a while.  My least favorite cousin that visited, Ethan, couldn’t take his eyes off his electronic devices, except when he munched on snacks or bullied the other kids.  The rest of the day was followed by watching movies and playing video games.  The next day came and we were packing for the beach!  I was so exited because I wanted to play with my family, but there wasn’t enough space on our dad’s boat.  There were eight seats, but nine people.  Our mom was extremely generous and offered to stay behind.  We had everything loaded on the boat when my mom asked for the keys for our outdoor bins.  We were short 1 life jacket.   “Where was the car?” you might ask, well it was in Macdill, forty-five minutes to an hour each way from Bay Vista, where we were loading up at.  Thea volunteered to stay behind which was very nice of her to skip out on a day at the beach.  We left to travel to an island called Beer can Island.  The waves were HUGE and kept splashing the people who were on the back of the boat.  It wasn’t as much fun as I would have hoped because the cousins were all on their electronic devices and I didn’t have my sister to play with.  We spent 5 hours at the beach before heading back our house.  The next day we traveled to Boyd Hill and gazed at wild alligators and trudged on many paths.  The following morning we were off to present the beautiful of town Tarpon Springs to our cousins.  We all spied sponges of many shapes and sizes then we proceeded back home where we all rested peacefully.  In no time all the cousins had to travel back home, but I felt fine with that.  I had enough of the cousins for a while and I was definitely ready to kick back and relax.

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Chalk Drawing.

My sister and mom drew a tropical picture, pictured above.  I saw this and drew the crab and “Lovely bunch of coconuts, didily, didily dum, small ones, big ones, some as big as your head!” next to the palm tree, but it’s not visible in the picture.

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Imaginary animal.

I was laying in my bed when one idea led to another and I found myself thinking about an animal.  Not an animal that is alive or extinct, but an animal that I made up.  I decided to call this creation Oliver. “Why Oliver?” you might be thinking, well because Oliver is a cute name that I usually associate with something obscure or odd.

His proportions and size were the same as a full-grown lion.  His face, tail and torso were like a Chinese dragon that had the fins of a Crowntail betta down its back, at the tip of its tail and on his elbows.  Oliver’s feet were dark grey and webbed like duck feet, but the legs were furry and patterned like a fawn’s back.  The hands were lion paws with the same white spotted fawn pattern.


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My Dream Room (New)

On February 3rd, 2017, I published a post about my dream room, looking back on it, it had a LOT of mistakes and my dream room idea has changed a bit as well, so I wanted to blog about my fantasy of a new dream room.

All of the walls would be baby blue.  I would want the floor to be tiled because picking my hair up and Rocket and Soxs’s (our cats) hair off the carpet is a struggle.  I would want my closet to have all the pictures that are scattered around the walls of mine and my sister’s room.  The blinds that are in our room currently have teeth marks from cats.  I would like new blinds, but not if they were over the top expensive.  Nothing fancy for bed sheets or blankets.  I love the ones I have now and I don’t have intentions of changing them.  I like the company of my sister, so she would have a bed above mine like this, but a little bigger:



Copy and paste this link:

That is all I would want for my dream room.

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My surprisingly fun sleepover.

My sister and I have two friends, Autumn and Hunter.  Thea (my sister)  is a tom boy so, she would play with Hunter while I would play with my friend, Autumn.  On the 20th, Hunter was coming over, Autumn had pink eye, so she couldn’t come to the sleepover.

I  was a little sad.  Autumn is one of my best friends and I was looking forward to seeing her.  When Hunter arrived, we all played video games for almost two hours and then we started getting bored and played with Legos for a few minutes.  Thea, Hunter and I all like video games, so that was the majority of the sleepover.  After Legos, Hunter and Thea were going to ride bikes and scooters outside, I wanted to join in and they let me.  I was going to ride my small, pink scooter,  Thea was going to ride her bike and Hunter was going to ride Thea’s new, giant, red scooter.  We started riding, but the scooter was too big for Hunter and Thea was going to ride it while Hunter would ride Thea’s bike.  It all was working out until I fell on my scooter,  I scratched half the side of my leg and my heel was bleeding pretty bad.  I went inside, had some water and I went back out, I felt sore, but I was having so much fun I didn’t care!

When I thought Autumn was coming, we planned to bake cookies together, but since she couldn’t make it, I decided to make them alone for everyone that came.  I wanted to make white chocolate and cranberry cookies, but Hunter didn’t like cranberries, so I started to make chocolate chip cookies instead.  I took some butter that I set out for the cookies to get soft, but it wasn’t soft enough.  I wasn’t being patient and I started making the cookies.  My mom eventually had to come in the kitchen to help with the cookie dough.  Lots of hard work later, the cookies were done and they tasted great!

When most of the cookies were eaten, we all went into my room and made a huge fort!  The fort was big enough for all three of us to sleep in.  I fell asleep and when I woke up, Thea was watching a funny movie.  I sat next to Thea and we both watched the rest of the movie and then we slept in the fort.  I thought I wasn’t going to have a good time, but I had a great time.