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Homade Slime

My sister and I have tried to make slime multiple times and failed, but it worked this this time!  This time, we bought a kit.

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The Sand village we Built at the Beach.

I’ve made sand castles and houses at Fort Desoto beach (The beach I was at )before, but this time is was flawless!

We made a sand village called Rappyville, my sister started making a wall to protect against intruders and my mom and I started making the buildings.  What I didn’t know was that my mom was making factories that were ten times smaller than what I thought the houses would be.  We ended up agreeing on that everyone lived in the five, huge apartments, I added detail to two of the apartments.  In the picture above, you can see big rocks that I’m standing behind, they protect the crops from strong winds.  In Rappyville we produce chocolate, coconut products and beverages.  I added a toll booth to let visitors enter, but they must have a ticket.  My mom made a town square than was adorable.  When we were done I was extremely proud of myself because of all the creative and hard work I contributed, it looked amazing.

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What I’m going to be for 2017’s Halloween (Updated)

Halloween is just around the corner and last week I finally decided what I wanted to be.

I am going to be The Grey Rabbit, The Grey Rabbit is a made-up costume that I decided to dress-up as.  The Grey Rabbit is the arch nemeses of The White Rabbit (from Alice In Wonderland).  She gives herself time by taking time away from The White Rabbit.  It’s not that The White Rabbit is running late, he just simply doesn’t have time.  The Grey Rabbit can go back and forwards in time, as well as stopping it.  She does this because she is a mischievous little rabbit.  Liking to do as she pleases, such as stealing, lying and playing tricks on others with her small bag of tricks.  There is a twist, her powers only work on one day of the year, Halloween!

How I am going to make this outfit:  I have grey bunny ears, a colorful shirt, a grey skirt and a small bag for the tricks.  I will paint my face like a grey rabbit and have a big nose.  I made a snicker bar out of play-doh and I will have a big razor made out of clay to remind people of the scary stories like razors in Halloween candy.

Updated Part:  I have a grey skirt which I hot glued an extremely fuzzy tail to.  My sister and I are going to do a team role-play for Halloween.  She is going to be my Zombie Minion (I call her Albert).  My sister is a great actor, so that’s why I want her to help. My sister and I will be a couple of scary characters.  I will be holding a rope with my Zombie Minion attached to it for the WHOLE night!  In the picture above, I still need to add my face paint, I’m going to add black around my eyes to make it look like I’m sleep deprived.



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The Albino Rocket.

The Albino Rocket is a commercial airline that I created.  It is a paper airplane that can hold 40 passengers.  Which does not include staff.  There is one pilot and two co-pilots.  There are 5 waiters, and 6 janitors, so it stays in top shape.  When it lands and all the passengers are off, 50 workers do a top to bottom deep clean.  The reason it only holds 40 passengers is because it is expensive to ride.  It’s $4,000 a trip any where on the globe!  In the picture above it shows what it looks like and the purple jets at the end are for when it’s 1 hour away from landing, it shoots fireworks which announces it’s arrival!


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My Dream House

I’ve done an essay on “My Dream Room”, but now that I’m thinking about it, it would be unfinished without a dream home.  First of all, my dream house would be an R.V, with a garden in the kitchen.  I have read “The secret garden”, so I would want a garden patch just like the garden in the book.  I would grow; Lemons, limes, potatoes, small tomatoes and spices.  I would also grow lovely flowers such as; Black eyed susans, Tiger lilies, pink lilies, red lilies, pink tulips, white and purple alliums and moon flowers!  My favorite flowers are Moonflowers because they look delicate and beautiful.  My dream house would have a bubblegum pink base, with a white roof and a red door.  I dream of having a kitchen that had marble counter tops, and white and black checkered flooring.  I imagine having a bedroom with light blue and pink bedding and light grey carpet.  My bedroom would have a ferret cage where I can keep my pet ferret.  Hanging up on a wall would be a picture of a bird to remind me of my sister.  As my companions, my adorable cats, Soxs and Rocket would have free range of the home.  My bathroom would be white with a shower that would be themed cats because I love cats!  It have a cat made out of tile for the flooring.  My dream house would include all of those things and be in Montana or Florida.

The picture above is the one I would hang up for my sister.


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Reading Log

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My poetry

I was angry one night and my mom suggest I write poetry, so I did ( My poetry is awful).

Happy “Nobody rains on your parade.  You make barricades to the mean and rotten, just remember you’ll never be forgotten.  Your glow makes Rudolf jealous in a good way.  I hope you have a happy day.”

Feeling Down “Woe as me when I feel no glee.  My sky is dim and my heart is being trimmed, yet you stay happy after all, I’m the one being sappy.”

Bad day “I feel dreary on the best day, but you stay happy in the weirdest ways.  Flowers grow in the dark while mine shrivel up and depart.”

Never give up “Never give up when your blue eyes go pale, when your bones become frail.  I never mean the awful things I say, I never want you to die in any way and I hope your last words aren’t on your grave.”

Diamond “You are a diamond with pressure, some can not take that pressure and remain coal, whatever you’re told, don’t unfold.  Don’t believe their bluff when they say you’re not a diamond in the rough.”

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Making marshmallow treats

I made delicious marshmallow treats all by myself.  I had giant marshmallows that I dipped in melted semi-sweet chocolate nibs, topped with almond shreds.  I had $20.00 budgeted to buy ingredients.  I searched online for the prices of the ingredients I required for my recipe.  I thought it would be $17.00 based on my research.  In fact, I was able to get twice as much of the ingredients I needed for only $12.03…I am a bargain shopper!  I bought 7 ingredients total:  two bags of Rice Krispie cereal, two bags of marshmallows, a carton of almond milk, one pound of butter, and one bag semi-sweet chocolate nibs.  I gave the cashier a $20.00 bill and I got back $7.97 in change (a $5 bill, 2 $1 bills, 3 quarters, two dimes and 2 pennies).  I saved $4.97 on actual groceries compared to my estimate and I have enough ingredients to make another batch.  I made ten treats in with ingredients that cost half of $12.03, which means ten treats costs $6.01 and 1/2 cent.  I can make twenty treats for the price of $12.03.

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Baking Blueberry and Cracker Muffins.

My sister and I made blueberry and cracker muffins.  They were delicious, but they weren’t the best tasting muffin according to my mom (not trying to assume anything).  She said they tasted like bread, just bread.  I loved them, so it didn’t hurt my feelings when she said that about our muffins.  As long as I liked them, what she said doesn’t bother me a crumb (because muffins make crumbs).

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You’re not alone when you feel this way

Everyone at some point in their lives has felt alone.  I just had that feeling a few days ago and I ran away because of that (I’m back home).  It was a bad idea.  I felt like the whole world was against me and there was no escape from that awful feeling.

Things will get better for you, things will change over time.  It takes more time and effort to run away from your problems than it does to fix them.  It’s a lot of work to make a mountain out of a molehill.  When you only think negative thoughts then you’re only going to see hate, drama and bad things.  If you think good, positive things, that’s what you will see.  You could lose friends, happiness and enjoyable time because of bad thoughts and anger.  You may go through hard times, but it can sometimes make you a better person, if you are willing to learn from it.

Sometimes things are rough, I hope you choose a joyful attitude and forgive yourself and others for their mistakes.

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”
― Lou Holtz.