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My Field Trip

This morning, my mom asked my sister and I a question.   If we’d rather go on a field trip, or stay home and do homework.  Thea and I both answered that we’d rather go on a field trip.  Our parents took us to a marine research center ran by Tampa Bay Watch.  Their goal is to get the environment and ecosystem healthy and litter free.  As we were gazing at touch tanks full of beautiful fish, a bus pulled up, all of the kids bolted out with backpacks.  Then it came to me, they were on a field trip too!  My mom, dad, Thea, and I walked around before realizing that the children were going to be in the Education Center for a while.  Eager to explore, we headed upstairs to a large room, I was happy we were able to find someone who could help us with information on volunteering.  My favorite part of the trip was spying at fish, especially the little puffer fish.

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Domestic Cats

Domestic means not wild, like a house hold pet.  Experts aren’t for sure when cats got domesticated.  They think it was around 4,000 years ago by the ancient Egyptians in Egypt.  Cats were worshiped in Egypt because the Egyptians believed that the cat was a way to get to the world of spirits. (The world of spirits is a good place you go when you die).  Cats got treated like gods and goddesses.  The ancient Egyptians domesticated cats because they wanted them to catch the rodents.  Nobody is 100 percent sure how ancient Egyptians domesticated cats, but scientists think that cats came to the village from chasing rodents then they were pampered and given very nice treatment, so they would stay and hunt mice and rats for the Egyptians.

Check out this video on ” why cats act the way they do”:


Photo Credit: I took the photo.


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My poetry

I was angry one night and my mom suggest I write poetry, so I did ( My poetry is awful).

Happy “Nobody rains on your parade.  You make barricades to the mean and rotten, just remember you’ll never be forgotten.  Your glow makes Rudolf jealous in a good way.  I hope you have a happy day.”

Feeling Down “Woe as me when I feel no glee.  My sky is dim and my heart is being trimmed, yet you stay happy after all, I’m the one being sappy.”

Bad day “I feel dreary on the best day, but you stay happy in the weirdest ways.  Flowers grow in the dark while mine shrivel up and depart.”

Never give up “Never give up when your blue eyes go pale, when your bones become frail.  I never mean the awful things I say, I never want you to die in any way and I hope your last words aren’t on your grave.”

Diamond “You are a diamond with pressure, some can not take that pressure and remain coal, whatever you’re told, don’t unfold.  Don’t believe their bluff when they say you’re not a diamond in the rough.”

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Words for July

Contribute: to give effort and motivation to do a task. (verb)

She did not contribute to her homework, so now she has consequences. (verb)

Source: to get an amount of something or a supply of something. (noun, verb)

We have a source of water at the well during spring. (noun)

Entrance: a way to enter a building or a structure and most commonly a door. (noun)

The entrance for the school was big and on the front of the building. (noun)

Precious: beautiful and valuable, usually referred to as money.

The fireworks that went off on the fourth of July were precious. (adj)

Attentive: to be alert and pay close attention to something. (adj)

She had to be attentive in class or she would fail the exam. (adj)

Response: to answer someone, text or verbal. (noun)

She needed help how to give a response to the text. (noun)

Typical: average and normal. (adj)

The pigeon feeds her chick milk, but the typical bird doesn’t. (adj)

Analyze: give information, data and describe something. (verb)

She had to analyze the science project. (verb)

Capable: able to do a task or to achieve a goal. (adj)

He is not capable of going into space without a space suit. (adj)

Portion: Amount of something. (verb, noun).

Her portion of food was small because she was not very hungry. ( noun).

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Baking Blueberry and Cracker Muffins.

My sister and I made blueberry and cracker muffins.  They were delicious, but they weren’t the best tasting muffin according to my mom (not trying to assume anything).  She said they tasted like bread, just bread.  I loved them, so it didn’t hurt my feelings when she said that about our muffins.  As long as I liked them, what she said doesn’t bother me a crumb (because muffins make crumbs).

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Drawing can be used in many different cases, like expressing emotion, creative thoughts, blueprints and many different ways.  I draw to release anger, sadness and feelings.  Some people draw for fun, some people express joy and happiness into their art work.  I love drawing in my own style and I have changed my drawing style more than once.  I used to draw two ovals on top of each other, put a dot on the top oval, and put a V for the mouth, and noodle arms and stick legs.  Next was white circles for eyes and the oval body, banana mouth, and stick limbs.  So many changes to my  have occurred over time.  Currently I love to draw sideways P eyes, circular faces and bulky arms.

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You’re not alone when you feel this way

Everyone at some point in their lives has felt alone.  I just had that feeling a few days ago and I ran away because of that (I’m back home).  It was a bad idea.  I felt like the whole world was against me and there was no escape from that awful feeling.

Things will get better for you, things will change over time.  It takes more time and effort to run away from your problems than it does to fix them.  It’s a lot of work to make a mountain out of a molehill.  When you only think negative thoughts then you’re only going to see hate, drama and bad things.  If you think good, positive things, that’s what you will see.  You could lose friends, happiness and enjoyable time because of bad thoughts and anger.  You may go through hard times, but it can sometimes make you a better person, if you are willing to learn from it.

Sometimes things are rough, I hope you choose a joyful attitude and forgive yourself and others for their mistakes.

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”
― Lou Holtz.


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What I would do to my past self when I lied.

I lied to my mom about doing work and now she is upset.  She says she doesn’t hate me, but her language and actions are telling me “YOU ARE A LET DOWN!” and I feel bad, this is what I would tell my past self   “STOP, YOU’RE MAKING AN EVEN BIGGER MISTAKE WHEN YOU LIE AND DON’T DO YOUR WORK!” at the top of my lungs.  I would probably tell her what the future holds in store for her.

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Wikipedia states “An alpaca is a domesticated species of South American camelid Camelid species have even hooves.  It resembles a small llama in appearance.  There are two breeds of alpaca; the Suri alpaca and the Huacaya alpaca.”  Alpacas can be many different colors like brown, white, black and tan.  Alpacas live on mountains and in cold places.  That’s why alpacas have such fluffy and goofy fur.