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5 facts about walruses

A Calf starting to grow tusks

Fact 1:  A male walrus is called a bull, a female walrus is called a cow, and a baby walrus is called a calf.

Facts 2:  Male walruses are roughly the size of 2 grown men in length (about 11-12 feet long).  When fully grown, a bull can weigh around 2 tons (4,000 pounds) which is how much the average car weighs.

Fact 3:   Odobenus Rosmarus is Latin for “tooth walking sea-horse” which is the Walrus’ scientific name.  I don’t speak Latin, but check out fact number four to see what walrus behavior inspired that name.

Fact 4:  Male and female walruses use their huge tusks to break through ice that forms while they are in the water.  They can only stay under water for 10-15 minutes because they do not have gills and must breath air.

Fact 5: Walruses are carnivores, which means they eat meat such as clams and mussels, a variety of fish and other sea creatures!  They are known to eat up to 5,000 clams at a single sitting.  I don’t know about you, but I think that is one heck of a seafood meal!


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Words for July

Contribute: to give effort and motivation to do a task. (verb)

She did not contribute to her homework, so now she has consequences. (verb)

Source: to get an amount of something or a supply of something. (noun, verb)

We have a source of water at the well during spring. (noun)

Entrance: a way to enter a building or a structure and most commonly a door. (noun)

The entrance for the school was big and on the front of the building. (noun)

Precious: beautiful and valuable, usually referred to as money.

The fireworks that went off on the fourth of July were precious. (adj)

Attentive: to be alert and pay close attention to something. (adj)

She had to be attentive in class or she would fail the exam. (adj)

Response: to answer someone, text or verbal. (noun)

She needed help how to give a response to the text. (noun)

Typical: average and normal. (adj)

The pigeon feeds her chick milk, but the typical bird doesn’t. (adj)

Analyze: give information, data and describe something. (verb)

She had to analyze the science project. (verb)

Capable: able to do a task or to achieve a goal. (adj)

He is not capable of going into space without a space suit. (adj)

Portion: Amount of something. (verb, noun).

Her portion of food was small because she was not very hungry. ( noun).

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The best story I have read.

My favorite story I have read is a book called “The Kidnapped Kitten” by Holly Webb and illustrated by Sophie Williams.  It is my all time favorite book.  It has cliff hangers at the end of all the chapters!  I love cliff hangers, they make a reader, like me, keep reading to find out what happens next.  I love all the characters in this book.  My favorite character is the kitten, Milly.  The story is fantastic! The main characters are Laura, the little sister, Tia the older sister and Milly the small adorable, brown kitten. There are nine chapters in this book.  Milly gets caught by a blonde haired man who wants Milly.  The man is a cat catcher.  He is a really mean man and yells at Milly a lot when she is in her cage.  Milly escapes the cage and she is found by a mom and two sons at a local park.  I love this book because I love cats and kittens, the story is written with proper spelling, punctuation and it has a nice flow to the story and its not all jumbled up.  I will leave the end up to you to read because I don’t want to spoil the story for you.

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If I could fly where would I go and what I would do.

If I could fly I would go to the tallest building in the world and tell everybody “I can fly”  I would jump off and fly around like a swirl all the way down!  Everybody would say “Awww” and “Ohhh”  They would probably put me in the Guinness book of world records for flying!  I would then go to “America’s got talent” and show everyone that my “magic trick” was to fly.  It would look so real because it was real!

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Plate armor

Iron production spread the fastest during the 14th century in England and France.  Chain mail was very good defense against weapons, even arrows!  Many different styles of plated armor were invented.  The plated armor was not too heavy, which had a great advantage because knights could walk easily instead of needing to have lots of strength to lift their armor on and off.  The first plate armor was invented during 1420.  As the demand for plated armor increased, more people got into the skill of metal working.  Metal working spread throughout Europe. Eventually plate armor fell out of favor among warriors due to the increased demand for new weapons technology, such as firearms, which made plate armor a useless defense.  My favorite part about the plated armor is that it can block arrows and weapons and still be flexible and lighter than chain mail.

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Hagfish and what I would do if I saw one.

Hagfish are like eels with a slimy coat on their bodies that keep predators from killing them.  Hagfish have been around longer than dinosaurs.  Hagfish survived because their slime kept them from being eaten by sharks and other predators.  When anything bites down on the Hagfish, they get a mouth full of sticky slime and they choke until the predator dies or until the slime comes out.

If I saw a hagfish, I would swim as fast as possible and not look back.  I’m smart enough  to know not to bite it.  At least it’s not a Lamprey.  Lampreys are creepy little suckers because they suck out your blood.  They rarely sucks out all the blood from it’s prey.

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Oil paintings

Oil paintings can’t be removed easily without an oil remover like turpentine.  Tempera paint was commonly made out of egg yolks and pigment.  Oil painting spread slow during medieval architecture.  Oil paintings keep the color they originally are because they don’t dry.  Jan Van Eyck’s oil paint art style started 1390 and ended during 1440 (50 years).  Most painters gave people more attractive appearances to their paintings and portraits.  Jan Van Eyck didn’t go for that.  He put realism into his paintings.  Jan Van Eyck’s art style spread through Northern Europe.  Imitators sold the copied art style to merchants.  Jan Van Eyck’s work and art spread to Italy during the renaissance.  This was my favorite invention this week.  I like oil paintings because they maintain the color they originally have.

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My craziest dream

It was at my 3rd grade school and it was dusty.  My principle and teacher come out as ZOMBIES!  I started to freak out when I saw all my friends as crazy cave man people.  My mom came out as a cute looking witch then she turned my school into a haunted house.  In a split second, the building had a black out.  My dad was a clown in the haunted house and my mom was cooking me in a stew!  I heard an old man’s voice yell “oregano or pepper?”  I was scared and tied up in licorice!  I couldn’t believe that my grandpa asked me what to cook me with.  My grandpa put pepper and potatoes in the pot.  Just then my mom put the pot on high.  My dad started stirring the pot.  I felt like I was melting.  I started getting hungry and I ate the potatoes in the pot.  After eating the last potato, strangely,  I was starving!  I am not a fan of liquorice but, I would eat anything, so I ate the liquorice,”GROSS”!  My friend walked in and she was not a cave man.  She held out her hand and I grabbed it.  The haunted house turned back into the school.   My mom, dad and grandpa were all back to normal.  My friend suddenly looked like when she was holding her hand out she was handing me a book.  It was a crazy dream!

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What makes a good friend

I have three best friends and they are the best.  Caring is a great characteristic for any good friend.  If they don’t care about you or anything about you, they are not a great person to be around.  They should care about you, such as;  you fall into a mud puddle while riding a bike and your so-called friend keeps riding when they saw you fall. (BAD)  You’re riding your bike and you fall into a mud puddle and your friend stops to help you up. (GOOD)  I like loyalty.  It’s an awesome trait for a best friend.  They should be there for you even when its hard.  Such as;  Your having trouble with your math, so, you call your friend over because the test is tomorrow.  They promise to come and help.  They keep their word (GOOD)  They promise to come over but.. THEY DONT.  (BAD)  Kindness is one of many traits that’s good for a friend to have.  Like;  after the test, you got a bad score.  You feel beat down inside, but your friend gives you a big hug to cheer you up. (GOOD)  You don’t get good scores on your test and your friends says “hahahahahha” and/or “you’re not smart!” (BAD)  Funny is a good thing in a best bud, here, I will explain;  You are sick and your friend comes over to make you feel happy.  They tell you a couple of knock-knocks and some what-do-you-call jokes, they turn your frown upside down.  (GOOD) you feel under the weather and your friend comes over just to tell you “today was the funnest field-trip ever!” now they made you even sadder. (BAD)  Those are characteristics I find good in a friend.