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Homade Slime

My sister and I have tried to make slime multiple times and failed, but it worked this this time!  This time, we bought a kit.

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Waffle or Pancake?

I recently did a post on “Hot Dog or Burger”, so I wanted to do discuss two popular breakfast items.

Waffles and pancakes are delicious in every way.  Both come in a variety of flavors.  Waffles are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and yummy.  I think waffles are tasty with syrup and meat.  Pancakes are mini sunshines with a fluffy center!  Pancakes are glorious, squishy and can be as big or as small as you want!  I like my pancakes with eggs, bacon, syrup and fruit.  My dad makes amazing pancakes.

Even though pancakes and waffles are made with very similar ingredients, I like pancakes more than waffles because I think pancakes taste better and more things taste better with pancakes than with waffles.
Fun Fact: The oldest pancake dates back to 9993 BCE!






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10 Facts About Deer

I love deer because they are fragile, delicate and cute.

Fact 1.  Male deer grow new antlers each year, which they use to fight each other and to impress female deer.

Fact 2.  Female deer have stubs on their heads all year, the only female species of deer that has a pair of antlers is the Reindeer.

Fact 3.  A male deer is called a Buck or a Stag (larger males), a female deer is called a Doe or a Hind and a baby deer is called a Fawn.

Fact 4.  A group of deer is called a herd.

Fact 5.  Deer eat a variety of foods, like acorns, berries, grass, fallen twigs, leaves and fruit!

Fact 6.  Fawns can stand up less than an  half an hour after birth and will stay with their mom for about a year.

Fact 7.  In the wild, deer can live for 7-10 years, in captivity, 20 years!

Fact 8.  Fawns have spots when they are born, but disappear as they mature.

Fact 9.  Deer can run for an hour at thirty-five miles per hour, which is close to the speed of a wart hog.

Fact 10.  There are approximately 60 different species of deer around the world, found everywhere except Antarctica and Australia.  My favorite is the White Tailed Deer.  Bambi is a white-tailed deer  but was originally going to be a Roy Deer.




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The Sand village we Built at the Beach.

I’ve made sand castles and houses at Fort Desoto beach (The beach I was at )before, but this time is was flawless!

We made a sand village called Rappyville, my sister started making a wall to protect against intruders and my mom and I started making the buildings.  What I didn’t know was that my mom was making factories that were ten times smaller than what I thought the houses would be.  We ended up agreeing on that everyone lived in the five, huge apartments, I added detail to two of the apartments.  In the picture above, you can see big rocks that I’m standing behind, they protect the crops from strong winds.  In Rappyville we produce chocolate, coconut products and beverages.  I added a toll booth to let visitors enter, but they must have a ticket.  My mom made a town square than was adorable.  When we were done I was extremely proud of myself because of all the creative and hard work I contributed, it looked amazing.

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Hot Dog or Burger?

Hotdogs and hamburgers can be a great base for many varieties of condiments, like relish, ketchup, mayo, mustard.  An added bonus is both hotdogs and burgers taste good with fries.  Since I was eight, I always loved hotdogs because they looked odd and my favorite book was “The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog” by Mo Willems.  I like how hotdogs have cute, colorful stands that are little and still have all they need.  Now I’m more of a burger person,  don’t get me wrong, I still love a good hotdog, but burgers taste better to me right now.  I love how burgers can have two patties and all of the lettuce, onion and tomato, as well as it’s condiments and not tip over!  You can even get creative and switch things up with a burger, like different spices and sauces to bring out flavor or just to have fun.

Some people believe hotdogs were invented around 1869 by Charles Feltman, who was a food cart vendor from Germany.  His creation was called The Coney Island Red Hot and not The Hot Dog, it is believed that was the inspiration for what we call a hot dog.

Hamburgers have many origins and remain a mystery there is however a book called  “The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy” by Hannah Glasse in 1758 that said to roast ground beef and put it on top of toasted bread.



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Why People Cry.

There are three types of reasons we all cry.  Basal tears are formed when we need to lubricate our eyes if they are dry.  Reflex tears develop when we chop onions, dust or when irritants annoy our eyes.  The last reason is when we are sad, happy or have strong emotions, these are called Psychic tears.  Tears can blur vision, making it harder to see, however, no matter which type of tears that are in your eyes, there is a scientific reason.   Fun Fact: Homosapiens, otherwise known as humans, are the only animals on earth that can cry because of emotion!


AsapSCIENCE Why do we cry?


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What I’m going to be for 2017’s Halloween (Updated)

Halloween is just around the corner and last week I finally decided what I wanted to be.

I am going to be The Grey Rabbit, The Grey Rabbit is a made-up costume that I decided to dress-up as.  The Grey Rabbit is the arch nemeses of The White Rabbit (from Alice In Wonderland).  She gives herself time by taking time away from The White Rabbit.  It’s not that The White Rabbit is running late, he just simply doesn’t have time.  The Grey Rabbit can go back and forwards in time, as well as stopping it.  She does this because she is a mischievous little rabbit.  Liking to do as she pleases, such as stealing, lying and playing tricks on others with her small bag of tricks.  There is a twist, her powers only work on one day of the year, Halloween!

How I am going to make this outfit:  I have grey bunny ears, a colorful shirt, a grey skirt and a small bag for the tricks.  I will paint my face like a grey rabbit and have a big nose.  I made a snicker bar out of play-doh and I will have a big razor made out of clay to remind people of the scary stories like razors in Halloween candy.

Updated Part:  I have a grey skirt which I hot glued an extremely fuzzy tail to.  My sister and I are going to do a team role-play for Halloween.  She is going to be my Zombie Minion (I call her Albert).  My sister is a great actor, so that’s why I want her to help. My sister and I will be a couple of scary characters.  I will be holding a rope with my Zombie Minion attached to it for the WHOLE night!  In the picture above, I still need to add my face paint, I’m going to add black around my eyes to make it look like I’m sleep deprived.



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My Favorite Public School Classroom.

I wanted to write about my Favorite Public School Classroom because i liked everyone in my classroom.

A couple of days before the last day of school, my class and I had to write in a small book about our school year, so I wrote about it and my teacher complimented my book when she walked by.  My teacher’s name was Ms. Nami, so I would always joke about her first name being Sue (Because I didn’t know her first name).  Everyone would laugh because if we put it together it would sound like Tsunami.  If we finished the day early and it was sunny, we could go outside and play until it was time to go home.  If it was cloudy or rainy, we would play indoor games, but I only liked one game and that game was Four Corners.  Because the only other game was Heads Up Seven Up and it was extremely boring.  In public school I had five best friends, Amelia, Maryn, Carmandy, Makayla and Trinity.  We were all in the same class, at recess we would all pretend to be cat burger-lars and we would steal imaginary fast food.  My cat name was Pookie, for Perfect Cookie.


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The Albino Rocket.

The Albino Rocket is a commercial airline that I created.  It is a paper airplane that can hold 40 passengers.  Which does not include staff.  There is one pilot and two co-pilots.  There are 5 waiters, and 6 janitors, so it stays in top shape.  When it lands and all the passengers are off, 50 workers do a top to bottom deep clean.  The reason it only holds 40 passengers is because it is expensive to ride.  It’s $4,000 a trip any where on the globe!  In the picture above it shows what it looks like and the purple jets at the end are for when it’s 1 hour away from landing, it shoots fireworks which announces it’s arrival!