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My Dream Room (New)

On February 3rd, 2017, I published a post about my dream room, looking back on it, it had a LOT of mistakes and my dream room idea has changed a bit as well, so I wanted to blog about my fantasy of a new dream room.

All of the walls would be baby blue.  I would want the floor to be tiled because picking my hair up and Rocket and Soxs’s (our cats) hair off the carpet is a struggle.  I would want my closet to have all the pictures that are scattered around the walls of mine and my sister’s room.  The blinds that are in our room currently have teeth marks from cats.  I would like new blinds, but not if they were over the top expensive.  Nothing fancy for bed sheets or blankets.  I love the ones I have now and I don’t have intentions of changing them.  I like the company of my sister, so she would have a bed above mine like this, but a little bigger:



Copy and paste this link:

That is all I would want for my dream room.

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Rudolph The Red Furred Stray.

Near our uncle’s house, we found an adorable stray cat living in the storm drains.  He has fleas, mange, mites and possibly worms.  He is the sweetest cat, but the shelter we were looking into doesn’t accept strays.  Since he has mange we can’t touch him because mange can spread to humans and even to our own cats.  When we were playing with our friends, they said they had a cat that fit the exact description of Rudolph!  We don’t want our friends to get the mange from him, but they want to see him next time they are off school.

We named Rudolph, Rudolph because he doesn’t looked loved now, but he has potential to be loved and because Tiger, Cheesy are Garfield are overly used names for cats.

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Homemade Hamster Habitat.

My sister, dad and I all created a hamster habitat.  For our friend, Celia’s hamsters, Sugar and Pepper and hopefully for our future hamsters to enjoy.  We have been crafting it for a few days, it is not finished.  We want to add a few ramps and more tunnels for the hamsters to explore.  We are in the planning stages of making a boat leading down towards the hamssters habitat.

We hope our hamsters will enjoy it.

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My Best friends, Coleigh and Olivia.

Coleigh:  My family and I have moved around to many different places, but while we moved to Germany, I made an amazing friend!  All thanks to my mom who introduced us to her.  Her name was Coleigh, she was imaginative, creative, loyal, funny and much more!  She had everything I wanted in a friend and she loved playing animal games which some kids aren’t fond of.  We are still best friends today, but she still lives in Germany which is 4,835 miles away from where my family and I live.

Olivia:  Olivia is Coleigh’s adorable little sister.  She can sometimes be hard to handle at times and she would tell you what to do with your doll, but she always enjoys playing Barbies and she understands if you disagree with her.  Olivia is my best friend because she can crack a joke out of nowhere and it’ll still be funny!

Living in Germany was boring until I made these friends and I wish to stay friends for years to come.

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Improving my Cookies.

I made a post on February 14th (Valentine’s day) about making sugar cookies, but I didn’t explain the three flaws that occurred after baking.  First flaw I noticed without even tasting the cookie, was that it felt like a rock.  I baked it for too long and it got too crispy.  Second, I observed that 3 cookies were dry.  I didn’t mix the batter well enough and since I made that mistake myself, I ate the dry ones.  Last flaw I saw was that I didn’t use a cup for them, so they were all different sizes.

I looked at the ingredients and it called for 1 stick of butter and 1 egg.  We only had half a stick of butter and no eggs, so I looked up how to replace those things.  I found out that you could replace butter and eggs with Greek yoghurt, we had Greek yoghurt, then I had to look up how much of yogurt can replace a whole stick of butter and one egg.  I ended up replacing a whole stick of butter with 1/2 a cup of Greek yoghurt.  Then I had to put more yoghurt in replacement for the egg.  I ended up uses almost a full cup of yogurt for my recipe.

This time I chose to mix the batter more throughly, use a cup to make them all about the same size and to check the cookies after a few minutes.  They baked for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes I let them cool.  Then I took a 1/8 measuring spoon and dabbed each cookie with honey and I put brown sugar on half of them.

I hope to make more things other than cookies later on, but for now, I plan on perfecting my cookies before moving on to cupcakes or cake.

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My Favorite ride at Busch Gardens.

My sister and I love going to an amusement park called Busch Gardens.  On 2/15/18 my mom and dad surprised my sister and I with a trip to Busch Gardens.  Last year I was too short to enjoy all the cool rides.  Since then, I grew 3 inches and was finally tall enough to experience the thrills that previously escaped me.

All the rides were exhilarating and fun, but the ride that blew me away was Falcon’s Fury.  A 300 foot drop from a tower while facing downwards seemed breath-taking and I couldn’t leave without giving it a try.  I found Falcon’s Fury the most heart-pounding and extremely frightening ride at Busch Gardens!

In the picture above, The Phoenix, a huge boat that swings upside down.  For most people, this would probably be the most terrifying because it keeps you turned upside down for over 5 seconds.  This ride made me feel brave because every time the boat pivoted, all the teenage girls would scream their lungs out!

At the end of the trip, I rode every ride at Busch Gardens and I had a fantastic day!


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The Greek Festival’s Rides

My grandpa, uncle, aunt, cousin, mom, dad, sister and I all went to an amazing Greek Festival.  There were yummy snacks and great music, but I want to talk about the fun rides.  To go on the rides at the festival we needed to buy tickets.  Each ticket cost $1.50! My mom and dad bought fifty tickets, it cost them fifty dollars to buy all of the tickets because they bought it in bulk.  I wanted to go on a ride that was called The Rockstar, it would rock you high up until it eventually slows down.  My sister, dad and I all went on the ride.  Next to The Rockstar was Alien Invasion, it was shaped like a UFO.  This ride wasn’t as fast as I thought it would be faster than the speed it was going.  The way the Alien Invasion worked was people would step inside the UFO and it would start spinning.  After about 5 minutes of it spinning it will go a little slower and it makes you think it will stop, but it goes faster after it slows down!  After we got off the ride we had a few tickets left, my sister and I wanted to go on The Sizzler.  The Sizzler would spin around as the seats would spin as well.  My sister was squished in the seat because I fell on top of her.  At the end of the festival, I liked The Sizzler out of all the rides.

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Tips for Barbie Dolls.

I have over 10 Barbie Dolls and all of them have different body shapes.  Some have tiny waists and big heads, small heads and a thick body, and small heads with long legs.  The thing that bothered me the most was the clothes I would buy at the store would only fit a typical Barbie Doll, so I decided to make my own!

The Fabric Trick:  Taking a scrap piece of fabric, tie it around your Barbie’s chest.  It will look like a crop top with a bow tied on the back.  If you get a bigger piece of fabric it makes a cute Shirt.  The fabric Trick works for all body designs and it takes no glue, tape, staples or safety pins.  Copy and Paste this:

How to fix greasy Barbie hair:  If Barbie hair is greasy when you take it out of the package, use shampoo and rub it all through the doll’s hair, rinse all of the shampoo out, then let Barbie dry in the shower over night.  This has worked for me every time my Barbie Dolls have had sticky hair.  It seems too simple to be true, but it works!

Barbie accessories:  Gather cardboard from any box and cut out a small rectangle.  Take a tiny piece of tape and put it on the cut out of cardboard, leaving a small opening for the Doll’s hand.  Now you can be creative and draw (with a pen) anything you want on the small, Barbie phone.  It’s easy to make books with cardboard too!  Cut out a medium-sized rectangle, then bend it in half.  Cut out the same sized rectangle out of paper and hot glue them together.  With a pen or pencil, create lines of different sizes to make it look like words.  You can also write a title for the book if you want.

Barbie Furniture: You need hot glue for making a small couch.  Pick two rocks that are a flat on one side, then hot glue them in the couch shape you desire with the flat sized facing upwards.  You can use hot glue to make fun shapes on the couch, if you decide to do this you might want to paint the hot glue when it has cooled down.  Hot glue fabric on the couch and it’s done.  This works the same for chairs.  You might want to look at other blogs or videos on how to make other furniture such as tables, desks and shelves.

Barbie Tattoos and What to be Careful of:  Using a permanent marker, you can draw tattoos on your Barbie.  Keep in mind, permanent marker will not come off!   I recommend having an idea of what you’re going to tattoo on your Barbie before you even take the cap off the marker.  If you do tattoo a Barbie don’t let a tattooed Barbie rub up on other Barbie Dolls or the permanent marker will create lines on the other Barbie’s plastic skin.

I hope you found these tips helpful and easy!