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What I Want to be When I Grow Up

Jobs are what earn money, build character and increase work ethic, so I’m going to write about what I want to be when I grow up.

I want to be a veterinarian because they save lives and because I want to work with my best friend, Coleigh.  Her favorite dog in the whole universe, died and she was heartbroken.   Her dog, Frankie, died because of an illness and the veterinarian was unable to save him.   She now wants to be a veterinarian to save other animals and I’m going to help her by also becoming a veterinarian.  I’m not just doing it because of her, I thought it was an amazing job before she got the idea.  We planned for a week before I finally decided “Yep, I do want to work as a veterinarian” and she was thrilled!

I hope to save lots of pets in my future and be very successful!


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My Trip to the Museum

I had a great time at a museum, I went with my Grandma, my sister and my mom.  We played and had a blast!

There were lots of amazing exhibits, with lots of hard work put into them!  The museum offered many cool things to touch, explore and look at such as; A Touch Center, where you could touch anything, a town that showed what barber shops, doctors offices and  houses looked like a long time ago.

My favorite part about the whole museum was the taxidermy area.  I’m not a huge fan of taxidermy, but I still loved this area.  There where bears, monkeys, birds, cats and deer.  They all looked so cute.  It had a massive polar bear, that  looked the size of a skyscraper towering over all the other animals!  The polar bear was on its hind legs with his mouth wide open, I could see his big teeth and his pure black eyes! It had big, sharp claws that could easily rip me apart!  It’s ruffled up fur was the color of snow and a tiny seal pup was beside it.   In the above photo, you can see the bear, seal, my sister and me joking around.

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My Dream House

I’ve done an essay on “My Dream Room”, but now that I’m thinking about it, it would be unfinished without a dream home.  First of all, my dream house would be an R.V, with a garden in the kitchen.  I have read “The secret garden”, so I would want a garden patch just like the garden in the book.  I would grow; Lemons, limes, potatoes, small tomatoes and spices.  I would also grow lovely flowers such as; Black eyed susans, Tiger lilies, pink lilies, red lilies, pink tulips, white and purple alliums and moon flowers!  My favorite flowers are Moonflowers because they look delicate and beautiful.  My dream house would have a bubblegum pink base, with a white roof and a red door.  I dream of having a kitchen that had marble counter tops, and white and black checkered flooring.  I imagine having a bedroom with light blue and pink bedding and light grey carpet.  My bedroom would have a ferret cage where I can keep my pet ferret.  Hanging up on a wall would be a picture of a bird to remind me of my sister.  As my companions, my adorable cats, Soxs and Rocket would have free range of the home.  My bathroom would be white with a shower that would be themed cats because I love cats!  It have a cat made out of tile for the flooring.  My dream house would include all of those things and be in Montana or Florida.

The picture above is the one I would hang up for my sister.


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Math 4

7/23/17      1 hour            x / + –    Road Rally Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction, Knock Down Division

7/24/17      54 minutes     x –         Fairy Fun Multiplication, Road Rally Subtraction

7/25/17      70 minutes            x/+- fractions       Cave Run Multiplication, Addition, Flurry of Flavor Subtraction, Division,  Doctor Fraction-Stein escape fraction manor.

7/26/17       1 hour                    x/+-        Knock down Addition, Division, Flurry of Flavor Subtraction, Math Man multiplication.

7/27/17        1 hour                    x+-         Knock down multiplication,  fairy fun multiplication, pirates II addition, flurry of flavors subtraction.

7/29/17       1 hour                    x+-/            Knock down subtraction,  addition,  Road rally division,  fairy fun multiplication.

7/30/17       1 hour                     x                 Fairy Fun.

7/31/17       1 hour                    x+ fractions      Escape fraction manor, Fairy fun, road rally addition.

8/1/17          1 hour                    x+-                      Fairy fun, Granny Prix addition, Road rally Subtraction.

8/2/17           1 hour                    /x-                       Pogo division, knock down subtraction, fairy fun.

8/4/17             1 hour              fractions, x/+        Pogo division, knock down addition, multiplication, escape fraction manor.


8/5/17             1 hour              x/-+                         Knock down division, addition, multiplication, road rally subtraction.


8/6/17              1 hour            fractions, x/+           knock down addition, multiplication, escape fraction manor, road rally division.


8/7/17                  1 hour            x/-                               Knock Down Subtraction, Road rally multiplication,  division.


8/10/17                1 hour           x/+                         Road Rally multiplication, Division, subtraction, Knock Down Addition.


8/11/17               1 hour                   x/+-         Road Rally multiplication, Division, subtraction, Knock Down Addition.


8/12/17                 1 hour                         x-/+          Knock down Addition, Division, Flurry of Flavor Subtraction, Math Man multiplication.


8/13/17                  1 hour                    x-/+              Fairy fun, Granny Prix addition, Road rally Subtraction, division.


8/14/17                 1 hour            x / + –    Road Rally Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction, Knock Down Division.


8/15/17                  1 hour                  x-/+         Knock down division, addition, multiplication, road rally subtraction.


8/16/17                 1 hour                   x/+-        Road Rally Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction, Knock Down Division.


8/17/18              1 hour                   x/+-            Cave Run Multiplication, Addition, Flurry of Flavor Subtraction, Division.


8/18/17            1 hour                   -/+x            Road Rally division, addition, subtraction, knock down multiplication.


8/19/17          1 hour                     /x+          Cave Run Division, subtraction, knock down addition, multiplication.


9/2/17            1 hour                    /x+         Cave run multiplication, Addition, Road rally subtraction, division.


9/12/17           1 hour                   /-+x          Flurry of flavors, cave run addition, subtraction, road rally division.


9/13/17           1 hour               -+/x               Cave run multiplication, addition, division, road rally subtraction.


9/14/17           1 hour                /x+-             Cave run multiplication, division, road rally subtraction, granny prix addition.


9/19/17           50 minutes         /-+x          Road rally division, subtraction, cave run addition, flurry of flavors.


9/23/17       1 hour   X  TimesTables        6, 7, 8, 4 and 5’s

9/25/17   30 minutes   Grin’s Math Riddles.

American Girl, School Rules, Pages 1-30,    9/26/17.

American Girl, School Rules, 9/27/17.

American Girl, School Rules, 9/29/17.

Questions in Notebook, 1 Hour, 10/1/17.

American Girl School Rules, 10/2/17.

Questions in Notebook, 10/3/17.

Questions in Notebook, 10/5/17.

Questions in Notebook, 10/9/17.

10/10/17,Questions in Notebook .

10/12/17, Questions in Notebook.

10/13/17, Questions in Notebook.

10/17/10, Prime Climb for an hour.

10/18/17, Division review

10/19/10, / x in Notebook.

10/19/17, -+x/, Prime Clime.

10/23/17, Questions -+/ in Notebook.

10/24/17, Questions  /x- in Notebook.

10/25/17, Questions /x in Notebook.

10/28/17, Questions x+ in Notebook.

10/29/17, Questions /x in Notebook.

10/30/17, Questions /x in Notebook.

10/31/17, Questions /+-x in Notebook.

11/1/17, Prime Climb /-+x.

11/2/10, Cards +-/x.

11/3/17, Division Sheet.

11/4/17, Questions -+/x in Notebook.

11/5/17, Questions -+/x in Notebook.

11/5/17, Prime Climb,  -+/x.

11/6/17, Questions +-/x in Notebook, 18 minutes.

11/7/17, Questions -+x/ in Notebook, 19 minutes.

11/8/17, Questions /+-x in Real Life, 20 minutes.

11/9/17, Questions /+-x in Notebook, 21 minutes.

11/10/17, Questions +-/x in Notebook, 22 minutes.

11/11/17, Questions +-/x in Notebook, 23 minutes.

11/13/17, Questions +-/x in Notebook, 24 minutes.

11/14/17, Questions +-/x in Notebook, 25 minutes.

11/16/17, Questions -+/x in Notebook, 26 minutes.

11/17/17, Questions -+x/ in Notebook, 27 minutes.

11/18/17, Questions -+/x Algebra in Notebook, 28 Minutes.

11/19/17, Questions -+/x Algebra in Notebook, 20 Minutes.

11/21/17, Questions -×+/ Algebra in Notebook, 20 Minutes.

11/26/17, Questions -×+/ Algebra in Notebook, 40 Minutes.

11/27/17, Questions -/×+ Algebra in Notebook, 20 Minutes.

11/28/17, Questions -×/+ Algebra in Notebook, 20 Minutes.

11/29/17, Questions -/×+ Algebra in Notebook, 20 Minutes.

11/30/17, Questions -×/+ Algebra in Notebook, 20 Minutes.


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Reading Log

Blog post and research      9/12/17

Blog post and research      9/13/17

Blog post and research 9/14/17

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Diary of a wimpy kid: The Third Wheel 9/23/17

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My Adventures to Indiana.

If you’ve read the news lately, a popular topic is Irma.  Irma is the name for the most recent hurricane that has hit Florida!  We packed essentials a few weeks before the storm hit, because our neighbor told us a huge storm was coming!  I love packing up stuff, it’s a challenge to fit everything in my bag.  It was extremely difficult this time because I thought “I will never see my precious valuables again!”  I packed a great deal of clothes, toys and littles thing like my kindle, phone and money.  On 9/11/17 my mom found half my bag was full of important stuffed animals.  She thought it was funny and so did I.  We brought our two kittens, Rocket and Soxs.  Their litter box and all our bags.  Our kittens were angels on the ride to Indiana and we didn’t have to go to the ER. My mom told me that some people are leaving their pets behind and that breaks my heart because the animals can’t help it.  The news even said people were trying to shoot at the hurricane. and like when we were a short while away from our Nana and Papaw’s house we went into the wrong driveway and my mom said “I hope they don’t shoot us” because there were more than three “private property” signs.   I had the worst of luck during the trip.  First of all, we left at night, earlier, during the morning I smashed my nose into the sand at the beach and the amount of pain it caused made me hurt for 2 days straight!  Second, I smashed my toe into the car door, which only hurt for a while.  It hurt much more than the sand, probably because it hurt for less time!  The car door was locked so, I couldn’t open the door to free my toe, eventually my toe became loose with some skin too.  Third, we were stopping for breakfast when we went to go to the bathroom and I smashed my finger in the stall door, it didn’t hurt, but it tore off my pointer finger’s nail.  For me, loosing a nail is the end of the world!  So, emotionally I was heart broken, physically not even a little pain.  Fourth, I fell on concrete trying to carry bags into a hotel room and cut my knee and the same toe that got smashed in the door now had a big scratch on it!  It hurt in a greater form than hitting my toe before because now it had another thing hurting it.  I cried for a few minutes, but my mom gave me a hug and that made it all better.  Last, but not least, we made it to Indiana and I was on my Nana’s and Papaw’s trampoline when I tried to do a back flip.  I can do back flips and front flips in water, but I forgot if I could do a back flip out of water or a front flip (I can only do a front flip out of water on a trampoline).  My cousins and my sister were on the trampoline with me when the oldest cousin did a hand spring and I said ” I will do a back flip” and I did, but it ended up terrible!  My chin touched my rib cage and I got the air bounced out of me so quickly I couldn’t breathe for 15+ seconds.  Every one was laughing and today (9/11/17) I’m still making jokes when I see  back flip accomplishments and or fails.  I say “Oh, look its me” if it’s a fail or I say the opposite when it’s an accomplishment.  My cousins keep telling me to do a back flip, but I keep telling them “wanna try what I did, it’s super painful- I mean fun” and then I chase them.  The trip is still fun and I’m glad I still have my family with me.  People on news stations said that Irma would be terrible, but it wasn’t bad where we live.  People still lost power and are in shelters, some houses have gotten ruined and some people have died, but many people have lived!  My favorite part about this trip is the funny stories my mom has told me and the memories we have created.

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What are Hurricanes?

“What’s a hurricane?” You might ask yourself one day. Some people know what a hurricane is, but if you haven’t seen the crazy news headlines lately with names like Harvey and Irma, then I’ll tell you! Hurricanes have fierce effects on lots of people and the areas it strikes. Some people get killed, that’s the circle of life, fortunately, millions of people live! On the news, do you ever hear the news anchors (people who announce ideas on radios, TV and internet) sometimes say “It’s a category two” or “It’s a category five!”, well if so, I’ll tell you what it means. Category 1 means there is a wind speed of 74-95 mph or roughly twice the speed of a cheetah running, which is fast in my opinion. Category 2 has wind speeds of 96-110 mph which is almost twice the speed of a gazelle running.  Category 3 includes wind speeds 111-129 mph which is roughly 2 1/2 times the speed of a lion chasing it’s prey.  Category 4 means wind speeds of  130-156 mph which is close to twice times the speed of a sail fish swimming.  Category 5 and the maximum speed of a Bugatti Veyron (The Super Sport) are the exact same speed at 253 mpg!!!


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The Spinning Jenny.

The Spinning Jenny was invented in 1764 by James Hargreaves in Stanhill, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire in England.  It was invented by accident, James Hargreaves worked in a thread making business with his family.  James Hargreaves was making thread one day when his daughter knocked the spinning wheel over!  Luckily it didn’t break and it kept moving!  James was fascinated by that so, he called his new invention The Spinning Jenny.  The spinning jenny was improved to spin 8 times more thread than the spinning wheel!  This is very important because thread is used to make clothes and blankets.


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My favorite game to play..

I love playing video games, so other than video games, my favorite non-video game related game to play is Barbies.  My favorite game to play is Barbies because I can make them do anything I want them to.  My favorite Barbie is a called Molly (I mentioned her in “My talent and how I use it”).  She doesn’t have a lot of hair, but she is beautiful.  A lot of people criticize her for not having hair like my other Barbies.  Barbie dolls are extremely fun to dress up because I have lots of clothes.  Barbies get lost every so often, but then I find them.  I used to have a Barbie that looked like Marilyn Monroe and she had a lovely blue dress that my mom made.  She had pretty rose-red lips and curly, smooth, blonde hair.  She had emerald eyes a beautiful smile.  I have variety of Barbies like 2 Ever After High Dolls, 4 Monster High Barbies, 2 Frozen Dolls (Frozen the movie), 2 kid dolls and lots of dolls that are not categorized.

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10 Cool Things That are From Florida.

Sunscreen has made a massive impact on history by helping millions of people not burn their skin.  I know because I didn’t wear sunscreen and I got a huge blister on my nose.  Sunscreen is made out of Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide they are both important ingredients in sunscreen.  It was invented my Milton Blake, Eugene Schueller, Franz Greiter and Benjamin Green.

John Gorrie invented the first air conditioning in the mid 1800’s in Apalachicola, FL.  Floridians are super lucky because they live in the hottest state year round, second is  Louisiana and Texas is third.  People use air conditioning for cooling down their houses.  When its hot out, the last thing I want to do is sit in a very hot house.

Key lime pie was created by botanist Jack Simons (A botanist is an expert in or student studies plants) in the early 20th century.  I wanted to put key lime pie in here for two reasons.  One, because it was invented in Florida and two, because it is my Grandpa’s favorite food.  It was named the official pie of the state in 2006.  I love key lime pie.

Gatorade is called Gatorade because it was invented for the Florida Gators.  It was invented by Dr. J. Robert Cade in 1985.  Gatorade bottles used to be glass, but changed to plastic in 1988.

Bondo was invented by an auto repairman Robert Merton Spink, a WWII veteran in Miami, Florida, in 1955.  Bondo is a brand of putty that is used on automotive, marine and household repairs.

Delicious cookies were created by entrepreneur, author, talent agent and TV personality Wally Amos.  These cookies are called Famous Amos cookies.  Invented in Tallahassee, Florida, in 1975.  He started giving them to clients and later they were sold all across the nation!

Thomas Edison invented the Incandescent Lightbulb in 1879 in Fort Myers, Florida.  He was on a winter trip and suddenly inspiration struck and he had his mind-set on finishing it.  Thomas Edison was the person who invented the light bulb too.

Dolphin Tale one and two (Released Sep 23, 2011 and Sep 12, 2014 ) were both filmed in Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Florida.  It is a true story of a dolphin named Winter who lost her tail and still survived.   I went to Clearwater to see where this movie was filmed, it was amazing!  We saw a guy who was selling kyaks, that was in the movie.

Cocoon was filmed in St. Petersburg, Florida and released  Jun 1985.  I thought this movie was hilarious and cool.  This movie was about older people living in a retirement home who find alien fountain of youth.  Lots of people come to Florida to vacation and to retire.  There is a real fountain of youth in Saint Augestine, Florida.

A famous celebrity named Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton, Florida, on Jun 26, 1993.  She has written 17 songs!  That is incredible because i’ve written 12!  She loves dreary weather, she loves going to the beach and she eats 5 or more strawberries a day because they are her favorite food!