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A Dream.

Once upon a time there was a lovely little girl named Mini Smith.  She was eight years old and already a decent baker.  She knew how to make biscuits off the top of her head!  She practiced making croissants all day on the weekends and didn’t mind cleaning up her messes after baking.  Her parents supported her, but her brother and classmates didn’t.  They would say awful things like “You’ll never make it” and “Your baking tastes like garbage!”.  She kept telling herself that she was a great baker and continued trying!  Years later and now she was fifteen and could make more pastries than before, she was working part-time at a local bakery.  People starting asking Mini to bake then treats for parties and gatherings, Mini was definitely making a name for herself.  Mini was earning her own money to buy her own groceries and her family took notes from her baking when they would visit from out-of-town.  When Mini turned twenty she could finally make croissants and was working her way up to her dream.  One day Mini got an interview with an extremely popular bakery, she did great during the interview and became the top baker in the bakery.  She took it knowing it would be hard work and long hours.    She loved it there and lived happily ever after.  The End.

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5 Animal Myths That are Not True

1. Ostriches don’t actually bury their head in the ground when a predator is coming.    If an ostrich buried its head in the ground, it would suffocate and die, causing the predator to get a free meal.  It’s an illusion that ostriches do this, they are really looking for a snack!

2. Opossums can hang by their tails, but only during their youth because a baby opossum (or a Joey) is lighter, but can only hold on for a few seconds.  Adult opossums are heavier and can not hang on their tails.

3. Touching a frog or a toad will not give people warts, it is believed the bumps on toads and frogs are transmittable warts and touching them will give you warts.  Warts are caused by not washing hands after using a public place or touching a wart on someone else.

4.  Mother birds will not abandon their own chicks if they smell like humans, if you find a baby bird on the ground you might want to give it back to its mom, this was most likely a way of people trying to keep young kids from handling baby birds.  Only Raptors (Big hunting birds) will smell the scent of humans on their chicks and abandon them.

5. Penguins do not fall backwards when they see a plane going by, it started with a British pilot flying around south America, looked down and saw penguins falling over in a domino effect.  It was an optical illusion, just like the ostrich myth, the penguins were getting ready to dive.  In reality, penguins have very good balance, but this is no laughing matter because if a plane flies too low it will make the penguins frightened and they will leave their nest.



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American Girl, Understanding your Family book report.

“American Girl, Understanding Your Family” is written by Amy Lynch and illustrated by Lauren Scheuer.  The American Girl book series, helps girls understand things about themselves and if they have questions these books have answers.  I read a book from this collection, so I wanted to share a few fun tricks I learned.

The book had magnificent ideas!  An idea was, to make coupons in case I mess up, want to be nice or say thanks to family members.  I want to make these because I mess up a lot and my sister doesn’t think “sorry” is enough, so I will say “thank you!” for things that she has done for me.  Another activity was to estimate things around my house, in which you write down a few thing you know you have in your house like doors, windows and chairs.  Then you actually count  the things on your list and see how close you were.  I would rate this book FIVE STARS!

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Waffle or Pancake?

I recently did a post on “Hot Dog or Burger”, so I wanted to do discuss two popular breakfast items.

Waffles and pancakes are delicious in every way.  Both come in a variety of flavors.  Waffles are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and yummy.  I think waffles are tasty with syrup and meat.  Pancakes are mini sunshines with a fluffy center!  Pancakes are glorious, squishy and can be as big or as small as you want!  I like my pancakes with eggs, bacon, syrup and fruit.  My dad makes amazing pancakes.

Even though pancakes and waffles are made with very similar ingredients, I like pancakes more than waffles because I think pancakes taste better and more things taste better with pancakes than with waffles.
Fun Fact: The oldest pancake dates back to 9993 BCE!






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10 Facts About Deer

I love deer because they are fragile, delicate and cute.

Fact 1.  Male deer grow new antlers each year, which they use to fight each other and to impress female deer.

Fact 2.  Female deer have stubs on their heads all year, the only female species of deer that has a pair of antlers is the Reindeer.

Fact 3.  A male deer is called a Buck or a Stag (larger males), a female deer is called a Doe or a Hind and a baby deer is called a Fawn.

Fact 4.  A group of deer is called a herd.

Fact 5.  Deer eat a variety of foods, like acorns, berries, grass, fallen twigs, leaves and fruit!

Fact 6.  Fawns can stand up less than an  half an hour after birth and will stay with their mom for about a year.

Fact 7.  In the wild, deer can live for 7-10 years, in captivity, 20 years!

Fact 8.  Fawns have spots when they are born, but disappear as they mature.

Fact 9.  Deer can run for an hour at thirty-five miles per hour, which is close to the speed of a wart hog.

Fact 10.  There are approximately 60 different species of deer around the world, found everywhere except Antarctica and Australia.  My favorite is the White Tailed Deer.  Bambi is a white-tailed deer  but was originally going to be a Roy Deer.